Parliament The Council of Presidents will discuss the specification of the number of table receptions before the parliamentary summer recess

Table ambiguities emerged during the discussion of the EU stimulus package in May. The debate in Parliament lasted for days.

Council of Presidents before the parliamentary summer recess, discusses how many times the same matter can be put on the table in the parliamentary hearing. The President will report on this Anu Vehviläinen (center) to Lännen Media.

According to Vehviläinen, the Council of Presidents is seeking a common view on the number of table meetings.

According to the opinion of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, the Rules of Procedure have proved to be open to interpretation with regard to tabulations, which calls for clarification. Vehviläinen says he is in line with the committee.

Table ambiguities the EU stimulus package in marathon processing in May.

At that time, the Basic Finns, who had slowed down the proceedings, tried to put the matter on the table. Vice-President in the chair Tarja Filatov (sd.) prevented this because the SDP had already tabled the matter earlier. Filatov later reversed his decision.

There was uncertainty in Parliament about how many times a table could be tabled. At that time served as chairman of the Constitutional Committee Antti Rinne (sd.) said that the Committee on Constitutional Affairs would clarify the unclear point of the Rules of Procedure as a matter for the committee itself and as soon as possible.



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