Parliament The Committee on Agriculture and Forestry supports a ban on water privatization

In February 2020, the citizens’ initiative called Water is ours collected the necessary 50,000 signatures in just over a day.

Committee on Agriculture and Forestry supports the citizens’ initiative to ban the privatization of water supply.

The committee urges the Government to begin preparatory work to ban the privatization of water supply. According to it, the water supply currently owned by the state should remain in the ownership and control of the municipalities.

“It is not a matter of course for citizens’ initiatives to be a finalized and adopted report, and we did a wide-ranging consultation,” said the committee chairman. Anne Kalmari (central) press conference.

Water is a citizens’ initiative called us collected in February 2020 required 50,000 signatures in just over a day.

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Squid said at the briefing that he was proud of his committee and praised it as bold and far-sighted.

“After all, the earth is drying up quite fast, and it can be seen that water may become a controversy in the future,” Kalmari explained the importance of the matter.

Kalmari emphasized at the press conference that the decision to ban privatization should be made right now, as municipalities are expected to face even more financial difficulties in the future.

According to Kalmar, it would be possible to carry out the reform in such a way that the right of local self-government would be safeguarded.

Citizens’ Initiative the signatories suggested that Parliament undertake to prepare a law that would prevent the sale of publicly owned water supply activities to commercial private operators.

The press conference showed that the committee was unanimously satisfied with the report that had now been completed.

The committee justifies its position on the grounds that national water resources and their adequacy and quality must be taken care of. Water supply was seen as important from the point of view of both security of supply and human and fundamental rights.

The committee noted that water supply is a necessary service to society whose objectives run counter to maximizing profits.

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Discourse water privatization flared up in early 2020.

The city of Jyväskylä began preparing for the deal, where much of the city’s water supply would have been transferred to private ownership as part of an energy company. Later Jyväskylä decided to suspend research, but the project received a great deal of public criticism.

“We don’t want a new Caruna for water supply,” said the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, for example Jari Leppä (middle) at that time.

There were similar plans in Ähtäri in Southern Ostrobothnia.

For example Jari Myllykoski (left) now thanked the signatories of the citizens’ initiative at the press conference for reacting quickly to the plans of Jyväskylä and Ähtäri.

Committee the report is unanimous. The committee demands a report on the progress of drafting the law by the end of 2022.

It is finally up to Parliament to approve the citizens’ initiative. If adopted, it would be the third citizens’ initiative to pass.

In the past, Parliament has approved citizens’ initiatives on the Equal Marriage and Maternity Act.

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