Parliament Parliament’s report: The Director of Security released Sipilä’s push video to the public

Parliament has completed a report on how the videos showing the capture of MP Juha Sipilä (center) ended up in public.

Parliament has completed an explanation of how the MP Juha Sipilä videos showing (central) targeted catching ended up in the public domain.

The report shows that the camera surveillance recordings that have come to the public through the media are from parliamentary security surveillance cameras. Parliamentary Director of Security Jukka Savola has stated in its own report that it has handed over the camera recordings to the media.

The Parliamentary Office Committee will meet shortly to discuss the matter.

To the former Prime Minister Sipilä was arrested in the vicinity of the Parliament House at the beginning of January. Police are investigating the matter on suspicion of assault.

MTV News took possession of a surveillance camera image of the events. The Speaker of the Parliament then asked the Parliamentary Internal Audit to report on the matter.

Parliament considered that the camera footage was, in principle, confidential information.

The video shows how the suspect who was beaten by Sipilä follows the Sipilä after the exchange of words and pushes him from behind. Sipilä shakes and stops, after which the suspect leaves to follow him again.

The story is being updated.


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