Parliament Opinions of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs divided on the EU recovery package, an important solution is expected soon

Much attention will be paid to the position of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, as it will decide whether the government also needs the votes of the opposition in parliament to approve the EUR 750 billion recovery package.

Parliamentary the Committee on Constitutional Affairs is expected to take a position on the much-discussed issue of the EU recovery package soon. At its earliest, the committee could reach a solution on Wednesday, when the matter will be discussed again.

Much attention will be paid to the committee’s position, as it will decide whether a two-thirds majority is needed in Parliament to approve the EUR 750 billion recovery package. This would be the case if the committee considered that participation in emergency funding would mean a significant transfer of competences to the EU from the point of view of Finland’s sovereignty.

A two-thirds demand instead of a simple majority would be a setback for the government, as in that case its own votes would not be enough to carry out the package, and support would be needed from the opposition.

Question has divided the Committee on Constitutional Affairs. According to HS, the situation is so severe that the committee may continue to lean on either position.

As you know, the committee is still debating at least whether borrowing for gratuitous grants can be considered compatible with the EU Treaty. If it considers that this is not possible, it would be a transfer of competences to the Union.

On Wednesday, the committee will hear two more experts from the doctor of law Allan Rosasia and professors Päivi Leino-Sandberg. Rosas is previously evaluated in public, there are no significant problems with the package in relation to the EU Treaty. Leino-Sandberg is more critical of the package. Leino-Sandberg will now be heard again in committee.

Formerly the committee has heard Ministry of Finance and six other experts. It makes its decisions independently in relation to these.

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Last In the recovery package agreed in the summer, the EU authorizes the Commission to borrow up to € 750 billion on the financial markets, of which € 390 billion will be provided to Member States in the form of grants. The maximum amount of EU loans is € 360 billion.

The Committee on Constitutional Affairs is considering a so-called own resources decision, which will define, among other things, Finland’s membership fees for the EU budget period 2021–2027 and the maximum fees from the recovery package.

If the committee considered that a two-thirds majority would be needed to bless it, the eyes would turn to the Coalition. In opposition, the Basic Finns and the Christian Democrats have been more clearly against the recovery package.

The Coalition Party too has criticized the outcome of the negotiations. The party is still fundamentally very pro-EU. Chairman Petteri Orpon according to the Coalition Party will make its decision on the matter after the Committee on Constitutional Affairs has given its opinion and the Committee on Finance has presented its report.

In assessing a preliminary recovery package was adopted by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs in the summer very critical position.

It drew attention, inter alia, to Article 310 of the EU Treaty, which states that the Union’s revenue and expenditure shall be in balance. The Committee on Constitutional Affairs was concerned that borrowing as proposed could be contrary to the Treaty. In particular, it considered subsidies to be problematic.

In addition, the Committee on Constitutional Affairs considered that the Commission’s proposal could be in part incompatible with Article 125 of the Treaty. It states that neither the EU nor an individual Member State must meet another country’s financial commitments.

Later in the summer, the committee signaled that worries had been alleviated Council of the EU following the opinion of the Legal Service. The Legal Service ruled that the package did not violate the Treaty. However, the Committee on Constitutional Affairs did not formally change its position at that stage. Now it has gone through the matter again after the final solution is completed.

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