Parliament Minister of the Interior Mikkonen in interlocutory debate: Emergency clause to suspend receipt of asylum applications is not possible

Underlying the four opposition issues between the opposition parties is the escalating situation on the borders with Belarus and its EU neighbors.

Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen (Green) considers that the adoption of an emergency clause to completely suspend the reception of asylum applications is not possible within the framework of the Finnish Constitution and EU law.

In Parliament, Mikkonen gave the government a response from the opposition to the interlocutory question.

The entire opposition, the Basic Finns, the Coalition Party, the Christian Democrats and the Movement Now, left a common interlocutory question last week. Its topic is Finland’s preparations for hybrid influence at the country’s borders.

The interlocutory question requires that Finnish law immediately provide for an emergency section under which the reception of asylum applications may be suspended in the event of a large-scale entry in order to safeguard national security and public order.

“The emergency clause on the complete suspension of asylum applications raised in the interlocutory question is not possible within the framework of our Constitution or European Union legislation,” Mikkonen said in Parliament on Wednesday.

“For the same reason, the opposition parties themselves did not enact such a clause while in government,” he continued.

Mikkonen also stated that there is no doubt that Finland should comply with the obligations arising from the Geneva Convention on Refugees and other international agreements when processing asylum.

International agreements and the EU’s regulations on the Common European Asylum System oblige Finland, as well as other EU countries, to receive asylum applications and provide international protection to those in need.

Intermediate question the first signatory, the chairman of the Basic Finns Riikka Purra described the government’s response as unsurprising.

“The government is not working, but is struggling with insignificance that does not meet the need for emergency clauses or other blackmail,” he says.

“The government argues that this is a matter to be handled through foreign and security policy and diplomacy. What if diplomacy is not enough? If that doesn’t work? ”

Purra also criticized Mikko for stating that the opposition’s intermediate question was detrimental to Finland’s national security. Mikkonen this was stated, inter alia, in an interview with HS on Saturday.

“The argument is brazen, but typical of the Green Left. When nothing concrete is available, the messenger is attacked. ”

Intermediate question This is due to the escalating situation on the borders of Belarus and its EU neighbors, with Belarus exploiting migrants entering the EU by directing them to the borders of the EU.

The intermediate issue we are dealing with is the Fifth of its kind this year. Parliament will vote on the government’s vote on Friday this week.

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