Parliament EU recovery package on the agenda again in Parliament, Finance Committee position to be heard on Wednesday

The Coalition Party’s decision to abstain in the vote on the recovery package may still change on the basis of the report of the Finance Committee, said Deputy Chairman Elina Valtonen on Tuesday.

Parliamentary the finance committee will discuss the eu’s recovery package on wednesday. The committee may finalize its report.

The position of the Committee on Finance is of interest because Parliament is discussing the recovery package, the so-called decision on the EU’s own resources, on the basis of it in the Grand Chamber. The matter will then be put to the vote.

Recovery package processing in Parliament became complicated when the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Affairs recently consideredthat a two-thirds majority is needed in the great hall to approve the package instead of the normal majority. This means that the government’s own votes are not, in principle, enough to approve the package.

However, following the position of the Constitutional Committee, the opposition that it abstains, in which case the votes of the board should suffice if its lines remain straight.

Some of the coalition MPs still plan to vote against the recovery tool, and opponents may also emerge from government parties. About the Coalition Party Wille Rydman, Janne Heikkinen and Terhi Schoolgirl have already announced that they will vote against the party’s policy against the package.

In addition, the Coalition Party’s vice-chairman Elina Valtonen said on Tuesday that the party’s position on the recovery package may still change on the basis of a report from the Finance Committee.

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According to current information, the recovery package is scheduled to be debated in the Great Hall of Parliament early next week. The vote could be in a week’s time on Wednesday.

Finland’s position The recovery package is relevant, because if the Finnish Parliament did not approve the decision, the recovery package and the EU budget for the coming years would collapse in its current form.

Each Member State must ratify the so-called own resources decision currently before the Committee on Finance at national level so that the EU can borrow to set up a EUR 750 billion recovery package.

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