Parliament Atte Kaleva, who is coming to Parliament: the Coalition Party should strengthen co-operation with basic Finns

In the opinion of the future Member of Parliament, the Basic Finns would be a natural direction for co-operation for the Coalition.

Atte Kaleva (kok) ended up in politics when he was no longer allowed to train conscripts in the Pori Brigade.

It was education that was the reason why, in his time, he switched from graduate studies to military sciences. He liked the environment of the Defense Forces and the clear way of operating.

However, as an educator, eternity must not be continued. An attempt was made to transfer Kaleva to staff duties, but twice he managed to prevent the transfer.

“For the third time, the personnel manager of the Pori Brigade came to the canteen to say,“ Atte I know what you have done twice, it has by no means gone unnoticed. And now it’s the third time, now it’s a must go, ”says Kaleva.

Instead of the staff’s paperwork, Kaleva wanted to strive for political decision-making.

It was also another factor, publicity. The general public remembers Kaleva for him and his wife Leila Kaleva (kok) was abducted in Yemen in 2012.

They were held hostage by a terrorist organization for a total of 4.5 months and were released in May 2013.

The hijacking and liberation were, of course, major media events. According to Kaleva, publicity in the Defense Forces would not necessarily have been good.

“I was wondering how I could use publicity for the fatherland. In my opinion, publicity is of no use other than in the pursuit of a political office. ”

In 2015, Kaleva ran for the first time in the parliamentary elections, but the seat did not come yet. Since then, he has become known as the Helsinki City Councilor.

Now Kaleva is rising to parliament from the reserve when Juhana from Vartiainen (Kok) becomes the mayor of Helsinki. Kaleva’s key themes are the economy, security and immigration.

If Kaleva were allowed to do anything for immigration, he would create an EU-wide asylum system. Asylum would be sought in camps set up at the EU’s external borders or even beyond.

“A person who would not receive the right of entry would have to leave the camp in his country of origin. If they were given asylum, they would be taken from there by the whole family, parents, children and grandparents. The whole team to work and school. ”

Kaleva would also like to tighten the entry conditions with a scoring system. Each immigrant, with the exception of real estate refugees, would receive points based on the likelihood of his or her employment.

In his opinion, immigration is a good thing if it benefits Finland economically.

Kalevan In his opinion, some Finns categorically refuse to see anything bad in immigration. Some, in his view, see it as categorically negative.

“If we only have these extremes talking, it’s a pretty poor conversation.”

Are you in the middle of these extremes yourself?

“It probably depends on where the gang is. But yes, I feel like I’m reasonably in the middle. I get stamps from both of these extremes. ”

With the stamps, Kaleva means that in some circles he is accused of over-defending Muslims, for example, and in others he is called a racist.

In the Coalition Party Kaleva has been seen as a representative of the Conservative side together, for example Wille Rydman with. Kaleva spoke in an interview on Wednesday the dividing lines of the Coalition in a harmonious tone.

“I don’t want to tell anyone that he’s the wrong kind of Coalition because he has the most liberal thoughts than I do,” he says.

“We have to accept that the economy and security are the things that unite us.”

Kaleva also says that he is pro-EU and that he considers education important, things that have traditionally been thought to unite the Coalition Party.

Withdrew from the Coalition’s candidacy on Saturday Kirsi Piha said in the HS Monthly Supplement and in its published pamphlet that the Coalition has a right-wing populist wing that the party leadership does not want to discipline.

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In his pamphlet, Piha names Kaleva one of the right-wing populists. According to him, the political views of Kaleva and other like-minded people stem from “very narrow-minded and far-right rhetoric”.

“It’s a little amusing that those who represent their own tolerance do not accept difference in their own party. I did not experience Kirsi as a unifying force, but rather divided us, ”Atte Kaleva commented to HS on Saturday.

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Immigration stocks on behalf of Kaleva could just as well belong to the basic Finns. For example, basic Finns Riikka Purra said on Twitter that he was glad that the new Coalition Member of Parliament was Kaleva.

According to Kaleva, it is EU and NATO issues that distinguish him from basic Finns.

However, he has pointed out that the Coalition Party should strengthen its cooperation with the party. In his view, the right-wing coalition should be counterbalanced by the Green Left.

Kaleva says he has asked within his party what other options there are even. Sanna Marinin (sd) the demars are “fiery red” and even more government partners would be needed with the Greens.

“I believe that it is easier for the Coalition Party to find a common tone with the basic Finns in EU policy than with the left-wing parties in economic policy.”

Kaleva says she appreciates debate, where things decide instead of emotions. He was photographed in the terminal building of the Helsinki Biennale in front of the Market Square.

His military background Kaleva says that he is visible, for example, in his thoughts on Finland’s defense policy and geopolitical position.

Kaleva is strongly pushing for Finland’s accession to NATO. He believes it will happen as long as “the spirit of becoming Finnish is removed from society.”

Kaleva demands that the problems of Finnishization and the people associated with it be reviewed in Finland, some of whom, according to him, still influence daily politics.

“It would highlight how the Soviet Union affected the Finnish political system and society as a whole. So that it doesn’t happen again. “

He still doesn’t say he wants pictorial lynching or witch hunts. A model of him could be taken as an example Desmond Tutun the Truth Commission, which is investigating human rights abuses in apartheid times in South Africa.

This in the spring municipal elections, Kaleva raised a stir with her election video. In it, he said that he dreamed of Helsinki without communism.

Kaleva says she wanted to make the standards visible in the video. He thinks communism is even romanticized, which he considers dual moralist.

“A very small group really wants Finland to be a National Socialist, but it is considered a terrible threat. A rather small group wants to create a communist society in Finland, but then it is not considered a threat. This is pretty special. ”

According to the Security Police, the threat of far-right terrorism has increased in Finland. Of the far left, it mentioned little in its yearbook compared to the other terrorist threat.

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Kaleva talks often and a lot about segregation, that is, the segregation of settlements and Islamist extremism, jihadism and Salafism.

Some think he paints these menace unnecessarily. What does Kaleva think of it?

“It would be terribly heartfelt if the problems were solved by closing my eyes.”

Admittedly, he says jihadism is more of a “nasty nuisance” than a phenomenon that threatens Finland’s existence. He considers Russia an existential threat.

At the same time with Kaleva, a left-wing alliance will emerge in parliament Suldan Said Ahmed. Politicians know each other from the Helsinki City Council. For example, they strongly disagreed with the Great Mosque project, which has since been dug.

According to Kaleva, Said Ahmed has consistently highlighted his left-wing themes. He praises his colleague, even though there are memories of a hard debate in the council.

“He’s not ashamed to think what he is. Yes, it is respectable. ”

Atte Kaleva

  • Born in 1979 in Salo, spent his childhood and youth in Turku.

  • Rises to the Coalition Party MP from the reserve. Candidated in the parliamentary elections also in 2015.

  • Helsinki City Councilor for the second term. Got 2,231 votes in the municipal elections.

  • Entrepreneur, organizes training in military and civilian crisis management. Author of books on jihadism.

  • Master of Science in Military Sciences, Captain Evp.

  • He became known when he and his wife were abducted in Yemen in 2012. The hostage lasted 4.5 months.



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