Parking The “facelift” waiting for Roihu Mountain aroused the concern of motorists – The city reassures: “No one has to fear losing their garage space”

The city and the residents of Roihuvuori have discussed together how the number of parking spaces for residents in the area should be organized in the future.

Roihuvuorta expect a pile of big changes.

In December 2020, the Helsinki City Environmental Board approved the planning principles for the development of the built environment in Roihuvuori.

The plans are to preserve Roihuvuori’s blocks, built in the 1950s, in their original appearance.

Complementary construction is proposed for plots whose current building stock needs urban development. It is hoped that the new construction projects will follow the Roihuvuori construction guidelines drawn up in the early 2000s.

Visible changes are coming at least to the Roihuvuori church block, where additional construction is planned.

Roihuvuori regional architect responsible for zoning Marjo Vänskä says the city received quite critical feedback from residents and authorities in the area about plans for the church block.

“Of particular concern were the buildings that were perceived as too high around the church and the covering of the church behind those buildings. In town planning, it was decided to add another round of sketches to the design work before proceeding to the actual plan proposal, ”says Vänskä.

The draft is expected to be ready for comment next spring.

Future supplementary construction has sparked debate among residents.

Some residents who use the car have been worried about how they are doing.

Vänskä says that in accordance with the city’s parking guidelines, resident parking should be arranged primarily on its own plot or then with centralized parking.

Streetside spaces can be used for guest and business parking. In accordance with the general policy of the city, time restrictions are gradually coming to Roihuvuori for streetside places.

City is currently planning more alternative ways to provide new replacement parking spaces, while working to increase their number. City plans for Roihuvuori state that “the efficiency of existing parking facilities will be studied throughout the area in terms of site-specific zoning changes”.

According to Vänskä, however, the car owners of Roihuvuori have nothing to worry about.

“Roihuvuoren Autotallit oy, which operates in the area, has been progressively offering an alternative to centralized resident parking since the 1950s. In good cooperation, we have tentatively thought about how we could develop and expand their operations in the form of centralized, larger parking garages, ”says Vänskä and continues:

“No changes of any kind to existing garages are being proposed until new solutions have been found and implemented. So no one has to fear losing their own garage space, ”says Vänskä.

HS went to ask the users of Roihuvuori Garages and the members of the company’s Board of Directors what their perception of the future is.

Roihuvuoren Autotallit oy has two Garages. There are about 90 parking spaces at Roihuvuorentie 22. At the end is a tire shop and a cold station.

The stables are on city rental plots. The extension agreement for the other hall is still open, the agreement for the other hall is valid until further notice.

“I understand the continuation has been agreed between the parties in the mid-2020s. The agreement has not yet been signed due to a few formalities. The design of new parking solutions is so challenging and only in the early stages that there is no timetable for possible future changes yet, ”says Vänskä.

Managing Director of Roihuvuoren Autotallit oy Tapani Eisanen says discussions with city representatives have progressed “in a good spirit”.

“We hope to find a solution that serves both residents and the city,” Eisanen says.

According to him, the company’s old garages are being demolished at some point.

Roihuvuoren Autotallit oy has two Garages. The larger hall in the picture is located at Roihuvuorentie 22, and it has two floors. There are about 90 parking spaces inside. At the end is a tire shop and a cold station.

Retired existent Kurt Träsbäck is one of the tenants of the hall.

He plans to give up his car and parking space in a couple of years when the driver’s license expires. That’s why he emphasizes speaking for other motorists, not himself.

“There has been a perception that the number of parking spaces for residents is declining. It feels crazy if, for example, these halls are demolished, if nothing is coming to replace them, ”says Träsbäck.

He estimates that finding a parking space in Roihuvuori can be quite difficult in the future.

“There’s not enough streetside space even now. The rent for parking garages for new houses, on the other hand, can be as high as hundreds of euros a month, ”says Träsbäck.

Mikko Himanen, who drives a taxi, has been using the services of a parking garage for about 20 years. He thinks the hall has served well.

Since 1997, taxi driver Mikko Himanen has also considered the matter.

He does not know where to find a replacement parking space.

“I live here close by and work shifts, so this solution has been the best possible for me,” Himanen says.


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