Paralympics Paratriathlonist Liisa Lilja’s trip to Tokyo at stake – Suek provided incorrect information

Paratriathlonist Liisa Liljan participation in the Tokyo Paralympics is under threat ,.

The reason is the malfunction of the Finnish Sports Ethics Center (Suek), which is related to the medicine used by Lilja. About it said Finnish Paralympic Committee on Monday.

Lilja had received instructions from Suek that she did not have to apply for a waiver for the doses she used for the medicine she was taking. However, it later emerged that a waiver is needed due to the athlete’s other medication.

Now Lily is applied for a retrospective exemption. There is not too much time, as the Finnish Paralympic team can be supplemented on 1 August. The Games are August 24-5. September.

“I fully followed the instructions I received from Suek. This is an extremely miserable situation as the Tokyo Games approach. I can only hope that the situation will be resolved in time, ”Lilja states in the press release.

Suek regrets what happened.

“Unfortunately, in the emails with the athlete, not all the factors involved were revealed. As a result, the athlete has found himself in an infinitely unfortunate situation while graduating from the Paralympics. We will do our best to grant Liisa Lilja a waiver retroactively and allow her to participate in the Paralympics, ”Suek’s Secretary General Teemu Japisson says.



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