Paralympics On his main trip, Henry Manni raced harder than initially planned and advanced to the 800-meter final

From Saturday’s final, Manni predicts a tough stance and stresses Britain’s Isaac Towers can get in the way of medal dreams.

Track winder Henry Manni survived the T34 class 800-meter final at the Tokyo Paralympics. Manni threw to the top at the start of the race, although he was finally third in his own first round and fourth in qualifiers at 1.46.84.

“It was quite an interesting race. One scenario was that I would go to the top at the beginning, but perhaps not the strongest. Surprisingly, I pulled harder than originally planned, ”he said Mightily in an interview.

Manni estimates to Yle that the rain also affected the grip early on Friday morning during the opening rounds of Finnish time.

Saturday’s final is becoming tight, according to the man’s assessment. Separately, he mentions Britain Isaac Towersin, which clocked 26 hundredths of Mann faster in the early stages of the trip.

“It is clear that the British will have to win tomorrow if they like the medals. I think a tight race is coming. Every investment is behind hard work, ”Manni said.

The Finnish record set by Mann in 2017 is 1.41.28. The best time of the season, 1.41.91, would also have put the man in first place in the first rounds.

The initial installments the fastest time was reeled by a representative of the United Arab Emirates Mohamed Alhammadi with a time of 1.45.50.

Of the two first rounds, the top three from each sequel went on, in addition to which two finalists were selected based on a time comparison.

800 meters is Mann’s main destination in Tokyo. Earlier in the week, he came fifth in the 100 meters.

In addition to numerous World Cup and European Championship medals, Mann has one Paralympic medal from previous competitions. He took the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Bronze a hundred yards away. In terms of 800 meters, he finished fourth at the time.



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