Paralympics Henry Manni reeled fourth in the 800-meter final in Tokyo: “This was a four-place finish won”

Henry Manni took the top spot for the first round but lost the lead after the middle of the race.

Finn track winder Henry Manni led the race the first 400 meters, but ended up fourth in the T34-class track final 800 meters final at the Tokyo Paralympics. Manni crossed the finish line by 1.47.34.

The championship was taken by the biggest star in the class, Tunisia Walid Ktila with a time of 1.45.50. 800 meters winner of the Rio Games, United Arab Emirates Mohamed Alhammadi was second with a time of 1.45.59 in China Yang Wang third with a time of 1.45.68.

“I went to the race with the second weakest record time in the team. Only the Chinese had a weaker record, but he knew he was in a bad shape. I got a lot of good scalps compared to that.

The first batch as Manni immediately left the start to pull the crowd. It was a planned solution.

“I’m quite happy that I dared to go to the top and dared to keep my place there. This was probably the most mature hundred value race in my career, ”Manni said.

“I knew that if Ktil or Alhammad didn’t have the urge to pull, then I might well end up at the top, and that was a pre-determined thing. There was nothing left to say that I could have done something better myself, although it was annoying, of course, and the fact that I couldn’t put more in the combs in the end, ”he continued.

In Rio 2016, Manni won a hundred bronze medals and was fourth in the 800 meters. Now he rebuilt the 800-meter quadruple and was a hundred meters fifth.

“It’s known what I can improve on these trips, and a hundred of them would have been able to perform better here if I had done things better,” Manni said.

Manni was the second last Finnish athlete at the Tokyo Paralympics. Aspen water on Sunday morning Jarkko Mylly shoots in a SH1 class small arms race.

Finnish athletes have won five medals at the Tokyo Paralympics. In Rio 2016, the Finns won three medals.



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