Paragliding Alex Zanardi, a paraglider who collided with a truck a year ago, is rehabilitating at a special clinic – communicates, but is not yet able to speak

According to Zanard’s wife, the situation is stable, but there is no information yet about returning home.

Italian paraglider Alex Zanardi is still in rehabilitation after a serious accident.

Zanardi took part in a paragliding race in Tuscany in June last year. He lost control of his handwheel and collided with a trailer driving a truck.

Zanardi, who suffered severe head injuries, was caught in a coma after the accident and was cut Four.

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Year after the accident, the situation is stable, but Zanardi is still in a special clinic for rehabilitation and treatment, says BBC.

Zanardi, 54, was in a coma for a long time, which has affected his vocal cords.

“He can communicate with me, but he can’t talk,” Zanard’s wife Daniela Zanardi told the BBC.

“There’s a long way to go and there is currently no information on when she will be able to return home,” Daniela Zanardi said.

Cycling accident was not Zanard’s first serious injury.

Competing in Formula One in 1991-1994 and 1999, Zanardi lost both legs after crashing in a cart race in Lausitz, Germany in September 2001.

Since his injury, Zanardi has won four golds and two silver medals at the London and Rio de Janeiro Paralympics.



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