Pandemia Many companies are now considering canceling Christmas Eve, and for many, teleworking continues as before

Many companies in the Helsinki metropolitan area are returning to telecommuting more widely due to the regional recommendation.

Viitisen a week it took, namely a permitted return to attendance. The nationwide telework recommendation ended in mid-October.

On Tuesday, an extensive mask and telecommuting recommendation was again issued in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Southwest Finland. This is due to the fact that the corona situation in Finland has worsened. There are more coronary patients in hospitals than ever before during the epidemic.

Admittedly, the workers had not had time to rush back to work. In many workplaces, there has been a natural transition to flexible working with a combination of teleworking and teleworking, and the process will continue even if the restrictions are lifted. It is clear from Telia’s mobile phone data.

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Energy Group Fortum issued a strong recommendation on the transition to telework on Wednesday. You can come to the office, but you have to wear a mask, keep safety distances and take care of hand hygiene.

Fortum is told that future hybrid events will be converted to remote events.

Telecom operator Elisa already announced on Tuesday its intention to issue a recommendation to switch to telework again from today to its personnel working in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Southwest Finland.

In the OP Bank Group will not take separate action due to the new telework recommendation.

The work in the finance group has been carried out in accordance with the hybrid model developed during the pandemic, and the same model will continue to be used, says the Chief Human Resources Officer. Hannakaisa Länsisalmi. Working and doing business at the bank is designed to be safe. Basic instructions such as masks and handguns have been adhered to.

“We have learned to live safely with a corona, and the principles of hybrid work remain the same, whether it is a corona or not,” says Länsisalmi.

The OP Bank Group employs about 12,500 people across Finland. In the OP Bank Group as a whole, on average about half of the employees work part-time and half work remotely. The head office in Vallila does less customer service work, so about a third of the employees are in the office at the same time.

OP does not plan to hold any major Christmas events, as it did not in the previous year.

Tourist and restaurant services the lobby Mara announced on Wednesday that the telecommuting recommendation came at the worst possible time.

Many companies are now considering whether a little Christmas can be organized. For example, the consulting house Miltton ended up canceling the long-awaited little Christmas due to the worsening corona situation.

“Clearly, the situation was that as a responsible employer, we could not celebrate in this situation on our own premises, because the employer cannot oblige the employees to pay an interest rate passport on their premises,” says the Director of Communications. Tiina Kiesiläinen.

“The party would have been really important to our employees, and the cancellation was a big disappointment to everyone.”

Miltton has always been able to work remotely, but the pandemic has brought new practices to work. However, the office has also been open during the pandemic and no one has been banned from entering it.

Miltton does not intend to restrict employee access to the office. The house has space and good ventilation, which means that work can be done safely, Kiesiläinen says. Miltton has about 250 employees in Finland.

“Being able to use the facilities and see colleagues has contributed to well-being at work. They are not forced in any direction, they do not stay at home or leave the office, ”says Kiesiläinen.

Kiesiläinen says that people-friendly, considerate and clear internal communication helps people cope even if the corona situation continues. It is important for an employee to feel that they are part of a community, even if they cannot physically see others.

Even with regard to Christmas parties, it has not been completely given up.

“We are trying to come up with safe ways to celebrate together, for example by baking yoghurts and marshmallows,” says Kiesiläinen.

“I think our creative employees come up with safe things to do together.”

Maran Christmas Eve is vital to the industry, especially this year when a pandemic has collapsed businesses and workers’ economies anyway.

“I sincerely hope that customer companies do not cancel their little Christmas parties. That would be a terrible blow to our restaurants and our member companies hosting events. In situations where the use of a corona passport is permitted, it can be used to organize small Christmas parties, “Mara’s CEO Timo Lappi notes.

Additional information 24.11. at 5:17 p.m. Added information that Miltton had to hold a little Christmas on his own premises.

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