Outdoor sports The pictures show how Helsinki’s ice rinks glow like a bright oasis of light in the middle of the dark

The city of Helsinki is responsible for sixty ice rinks and natural ice. They are now in heavy use.

Evening Coming from a flat white landscape around Helsinki, bright rectangular light rails emerge: skating rinks. They could separate from the plane in the dark like fields.

There are a total of sixty fields in Helsinki.

Viewed from a height, the skating rinks are intersected by numerous small dots with bumps and bats.

The Lassila artificial ice tray is brighter than the adjacent Ring I.­

Jätkäsaari field is one of the ten artificial ice fields in Helsinki.­

All Indoor Sports Venues in the city will remain closed for another month. Instead, every skating rink in the city is now freezing or freezing.

The fields are in heavy use. There are clearly more skaters than in previous years, says the City of Helsinki’s sports venue manager Petteri Huurre. There should now also be space on the ice for everyone who wants to.

“When the natural ice rinks were put in order, there were no more queues,” Huurre says.

Still in December the queues for the most popular artificial ice rinks grew to tens of meters in length.

Hard work is now being done. According to Huurte, large man-made ice rinks with staff are plowed at their best almost every hour.

HS: n cameraman Mika Ranta photographed artificial ice fields shining in the middle of the dark in Helsinki when the freezing of natural ice had just begun.

Brahenkenttä is located in Alppiharju in the middle of apartment buildings and tram tracks.­

Despite its name, Käpylä’s artificial ice fields are located in Pasila. In addition to the larger course, the area has a trough with rackets for skaters.­

The Kallahti natural ice field will be rehabilitated for skaters. When it snows a lot, the fields may be plowed up every hour.­

The field of Herttoniemi Sports Park is poorly lit compared to other fields.­

Pukinmäki Sports Park also has an artificial ice rink where you can play hockey. Other skaters don’t have to watch out for rackets and puck.­

Ice hockey is played on the Oulunkylä artificial ice field.­


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