Out of the corona The government will announce in the morning how the interest rate restrictions will be lifted – Direct broadcast at 9 p.m.

“We can show the outlook for the summer,” Sanna Marin said Tuesday.

Government will present this morning its updated plan on how to ease interest rate restrictions. Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) said on Tuesday that changes to the event and culture sector are coming to the plan.

A press conference on the plan will be held at 9 a.m. HS will show it live.

“We can show the outlook for the summer and show how the restrictions will be lifted if the disease situation improves,” Marin said Tuesday.

More than a week ago, the government presented its plans to lift interest rate restrictions and target release schedules. The plan was sent to a general round of statements and comments, and more than 2,000 statements were received.

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The government negotiated changes to the plan on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, there was also a discussion about so-called corona passports and whether they could be used internally in Finland, for example, to participate in events.

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