Out of the corona Parliamentary parties meet to discuss deregulation plan – Live broadcast from the Estates House at approximately 9.30 am

The government plans to open the plan for a week-long commentary round on Friday.

Interest rate restrictions The discussion on the dissolution plan will continue with all parliamentary parties at the Estates House today at 10 am.

HS will be showing a live broadcast of ISTV from the Estates House from around 9.30am.

The government negotiated the plan late Wednesday night and then announced that material on the plan would also be opened for a week-long comment round tomorrow.

Prime minister Sanna Marinin (sd) says the government wants to hear the views of various actors in society on the plan. According to Marini, a separate discussion will be held with labor market organizations and municipal actors.

The plan outlines the order and timing of the lifting of restrictions, but may still change depending on the disease situation.

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Marin anticipates last night when negotiations beginthat the summer is becoming better than the current situation with the phasing out of interest rate restrictions. He said he was cautiously optimistic and did not consider it impossible that there would already be a fairly normal Midsummer.

According to Marin, perhaps already in June or the beginning of July, one could even talk about a large-scale opening of event activities.

“Vaccine coverage is probably already high at the time. Of course, this also involves uncertainty, as we have seen when there have been challenges in vaccine deliveries. ”

Not yet however, it is not possible to give an exact date when everything is normal, Marin said. If restrictions are lifted too hastily, the disease situation may worsen.

According to Marin, the restrictions are to be lifted in reverse order to how they were set.

The first step is to abandon exceptional circumstances and the use of the stand-by law. Alongside that is the end of nationwide restaurant restrictions on April 18th.

For example, restrictions on schools, hobbies and public spaces are largely in the hands of municipalities and regional authorities.

“I hope that in May these will be largely eliminated,” Marin said.

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