Out of the corona Minister Kiuru in Yle’s A-Talk: Astra Zenaca’s connection to blood clots affects the lifting of Finland’s corona restrictions

Minister of Basic Services Krista Kiuru (sd.) says in Yle’s A-Talk program that the connection of the coronary vaccine Astra Zenaca to blood clots affects the lifting of corona restrictions in Finland. About it news Broadcasting.

“The Astra Zeneca vaccine is not available in the way we have thought and it affects the vaccine strategy. We have had a desire to achieve the 70% target set in the EU for vaccinating the nation in the summer, ”Kiuru says in the broadcast.

Kiuru says all the vaccines obtained will be used.

“The fear is that this will put vaccine coverage in a different position. Over the next week, we will have to consider what kind of vaccine coverage we are going to apply for now. According to THL’s data, the goals cannot be achieved with these prospects, but there is no flexibility in vaccinating adults, ”Kiuru commented.

The CEO of THL also took part in A-Talk’s discussion Markku Tervahauta, economist Sixten Korkman and the chairman of the Coalition Petteri Orpo.

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