Out of the corona In the evening, the government will negotiate the lifting of interest rate restrictions

The deregulation plan has undergone a round of comments, on the basis of which it has been updated.

Government will negotiate a plan to lift interest rate restrictions on Tuesday evening.

The plan, published a week and a half ago, was sent to a general round of opinions and comments, on the basis of which it has been updated, says the Prime Minister’s Office.

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In addition, the government is dealing with the current epidemic situation. The negotiation at the Helsinki Estates House will begin at 5 pm in the evening. HS will show a live broadcast of ISTV from the Estates House, where the ministers will arrive for the negotiations from 4.30 pm.

In recent weeks, the government has held its interest rate negotiations on Wednesdays. Tomorrow, the board will instead meet at the Estate House for a mid-term quarrel.

The government previously published a draft plan to lift the restrictions.

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