Out of the corona Government source for STT: The vaccination passport could come for tourism but not as a condition for visiting a restaurant, the Coalition Party would use it extensively

The full closure of restaurants is expected to end at the end of next week, with strict restrictions still in place.

Government considering the possibility of promoting the use of the vaccination passport in tourism, STT is informed of the government source. However, a vaccination passport is not considered a condition of using domestic services such as hairdressing salons, restaurants and libraries.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) commented on the matter to reporters at the Estates House, where parliamentary parties were meeting to discuss the government’s plan to phase out interest rate restrictions.

“The starting point must be that Finns have the right to visit the library and hairdresser when these places are open, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not.”

Marin also commented on the topic on Twitter. The government wants to open up society to everyone, not just those who have been vaccinated. However, Marin adds that a vaccine certificate would be an important tool for tourism. With regard to the events, the government is ready to investigate.

Marin also says in his tweet that he is happy to hear the Coalition’s view on the practical implementation of the vaccine passport. The Coalition Party has demanded that the vaccine passport be introduced.

It is known that the government fears that the vaccination passport will cause equality problems, among other things, because different age groups would be in a different position from each other. Indeed, Marin said it would be unreasonable for her if young people could not use the services of society because they happen to be on the tail end of the vaccination order.

According to Marini, the creation of a passport would not necessarily be appropriate, even in time, as the population should have been extensively vaccinated at least once in June-July.

The opposition Party of the Coalition Party seemed to be on very different lines with the government. The vaccination passport would be an important tool for the party in the safe opening of Finland.

“It would be a tool to open restaurants and work for event producers and allow our seniors who have already been vaccinated to visit a museum and theater,” said the party chairman. Petteri Orpo At the estate house.

Marinin according to these plans, the complete closure of restaurants is expected to be lifted on the 18th of this month. The closure of restaurants has continued once in the worst epidemic areas. The current valid three-week period ends at the end of next week.

Marin stressed that after the full closure of the restaurants, strict restrictions on opening hours, drinks and the number of customer seats are planned. The restrictions are being considered by Parliament.

No details of the exit debate on government or opposition parties were opened to the media. The Board is still modifying the whole on the basis of the comments made. On Friday, the government’s plan is scheduled to be published and sent for a week-long commentary round.

Coalition Party Orpo hoped for more concrete, ambition and tools to get Finland safely open to the government’s exit plan. In addition to the vaccination passport, the orphan also mentioned the use of rapid tests and the need for masks.

Chairman of the Basic Finns’ Parliamentary Group Ville Tavio for its part, considered that there was no need to increase interest rate restrictions if, at the same time, we were moving towards the opening up of society.

Also leader of the Christian Democrats Päivi Räsänen was critical, for example, of the fact that, in the current corona situation, it would be possible to restrict meetings that fall within the scope of domestic peace.

Marin emphasized that Finland was not yet in a situation where interest rate restrictions could be relaxed. If the corona situation can now be kept under control, summer can be spent most normally.

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