Out of the corona Club gigs and small cultural events could open immediately in six areas in Finland – From festivals to a complete bump in the stands: “They don’t serve anyone”

The cultural sector welcomed the government’s policy of breaking restrictions. However, the blocks received an almost complete collision.

Event organizers received pleasing news on Wednesday when the government announced at its press conferencethat in basic areas events for less than 50 people could begin to be held both indoors and outdoors as soon as possible. This is a government policy, so the matter still requires a decision from the regional government agencies (avi).

Baseline means that the incidence of infections is low and new cases are isolated. Infection chains can be traced.

Basic areas there are currently six: Southern Ostrobothnia, Central Ostrobothnia, Northern Ostrobothnia, Northern Savonia, Kainuu and Lapland Hospital District.

Outdoor events for more than 50 people would also be possible almost immediately in basic areas, as long as the event is held in a place where the public can be kept separate by means of so-called blocks.

“In addition, there may be more than 50 participants in suitable outdoor spaces, such as football stadiums or other venues suitable for block thinking, provided that the health safety of the event, compliance with safety gaps and the avoidance of snags can be taken into account,” Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko stated at a news conference.

Last summer, blocks meant separate auditorium blocks or otherwise demarcated areas. The audience was able to travel to their own areas in such a way that people in different areas could not meet each other.

At the turn of April-May, more detailed decisions are to be made, which will affect the organization of events for more than 50 people in addition to the basic level in the areas of the acceleration phase.

With these According to Saarikko, organizing larger summer festivals would also be possible, especially in late summer. The assessment is based on the development of the disease situation and seasonal variation. Seasonality refers to the fact that last summer, for example, infection rates fell in the summer.

The two-meter safety distance required by the Communicable Diseases Act will also be abandoned at outdoor events in June. For interiors, safety clearances are maintained as long as the incidence rate in the area is above 25.

Summer events for the organizers, these things created the belief that festivals could be held next summer.

Executive Director of Livefin ry Jenna Lahtinen is pleased that the plan clearly takes into account what has been said on the ground: it is not possible to hold festivals at safety intervals of two meters. In addition, the sector has begun to open up at the same time as any other society.

“It is a pleasure to see that the industry has been genuinely consulted,” says Lahtinen.

If the regional government agencies react quickly, it will soon be possible to enjoy slightly larger gigs in basic areas, such as Oulu or Seinäjoki. Mini gigs have been possible in the past.

Lahtinen hopes that the authorities will interpret the government’s policy on events of less than 50 people around the country in the same way. In addition, it is hoped that Avit will now react promptly to open clubs and gig venues.

“It’s a little worrying that the organizers of music events in all basic areas get equal treatment.”

In principle, however, Lahtinen considers allowing events for less than 50 people to be a good step towards a normal music life.

Litku Klemetti aka Sanna Klemetti photographed at home in Jyväskylä.­

Government the alignment has a direct impact on the gigs of the Rytmikorjaamo club in Seinäjoki. The gigs at the end of May are now planned for an audience of 50 people.

The club has been able to enjoy mini-gigs before, says the executive director of the Seinäjoki Live Music Association Marko Kivelä.

In April, gigs for a maximum of 20 people have been held in the area. The same artist has pulled three to five mini-gigs.

More than 1,100 square meters of space is enough at the Rhythm Repair Shop. According to Kivelä, it has not been financially profitable to organize gigs for a small group. The aim of the non-profit association has been to employ artists, mixers and stewards through gigs.

Right at the beginning of May, there will be, among other things, three table settings as well Litku Klemetti that Jesse Markinia. If the final decision of Western and Inner Finland is made in time, the audience capacity of these gigs may already be increased to 50.

Seinäjoki belongs to the basic area of ​​the Southern Ostrobothnia Hospital District.

Oulu’s Qstock has been a sold-out event in recent years. Pictured are summer 2018 moods.­

Multi however, the matter in the government’s guidelines remained to question the organizers of the events.

For example, it remained unclear whether blocks would still be required at late summer festivals. Event organizers are also wondering whether the number of audiences will be limited in any way.

Festival director of Ostock Qstock To Mikko Forstén the block issue still raises questions. The festival is scheduled to take place on the last weekend in July.

“The block story is still a bit of a mystery.”

Kaija Koo at Qstock in 2017.­

Requiring the audience to be directed to different blocks at the end of July would, according to Forstén, lead to a clear situation: Qstock would not be considered.

The festival’s daily audience capacity next summer would be 20,000 with these prospects.

Forsten however, the good news is that the safety gap requirement is being dropped. The same is said by the promoter of Porispere, which will be held in Pori at the end of July Harri Vilkuna.

Nor, in his view, do the blocks belong to festivals.

Harri Vilkuna­

“I don’t think that’s a workable solution. If necessary, we can organize such a festival, but the blocks do not serve anyone. Not fighting the virus, the audience or us, ”Vilkuna says.

At festivals, the audience gets mixed up anyway. Even if people could be held in different areas during the event, the partygoers could probably meet people guided to different blocks on a distance or sequel, Vilkuna says.

Pori’s Kirurinluoto is currently considering different scenarios. There are plans for versions for 10,000 daily capacity and a light version for 3,000-5,000 people. The big question is whether to limit the number of audiences. This was not announced at the Board’s press conference.

The Corona Pandemic prevented the Porispere Festival from being held, but a Minispere was held at the Kirurinluoto Summer Theater. Among other things, Spice Works performed at the event.­

Pori belongs To Satakunta, which is currently in the acceleration phase. Saarikko stated at the press conference that the organization of events for more than 50 people in the basic and acceleration phases will be examined at the turn of the month.

In order to be able to organize larger events in areas that are currently in the process of being accelerated, a decision is required to abandon the tier one, tier two and tier three introduced due to the transformation virus.

Many may have already been confused about the different government ratings and what is included in the number-based rating. In concrete terms, the bureaucracy requires the dissolution of one decision that has already been taken.

Himos In terms of Midsummer and the Iskelmä Festival in Himos, the news aroused hope, but in terms of organizing major events, the government’s press conference did not change the situation very much so far.

“From the perspective of major events, the situation is still challenging,” says Nelonen Media Live’s event director Riikka Fagerholm.

He calls for more information, for example, on audience restrictions.

Jämsän Himos is currently part of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, which is in the process of spreading.

Himos Midsummer and the Iskelmä Festival are organized by Nelonen Media Live. Helsingin Sanomat and Nelonen Media Live both belong to the Sanoma Group.

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