Other magazines Trump’s legacy overshadows Biden

Savon Sanomat assesses what kind of job is ahead in the United States after Joe Biden ‘s inauguration.

“After Wednesday, the federal government will move into everyday life and the new president will clean up and repair the traces of the ever-accelerating coronary pandemic and the economic crisis it caused.”

“Internationally, Biden’s most important task is to restore confidence in the United States as a partner. Restoration of confidence can hardly ever return, thanks to Trump, who disengaged the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, intimidated its NATO partners and withdrew unilaterally from Iran’s nuclear deal in 2018, and imposed harsh sanctions on Iran. ”

“Trump’s gloomy legacy overshadows Biden throughout, though he has seen changes for the better.”

Kaleva writes that Biden begins his presidency in exceptionally turbulent conditions.

“Biden is getting his hands on a fragmented nation, a serious corona situation, a weakened economy, rising unemployment and a battered international position.”

“Biden has performed in conciliation and emphasizing unity.”

“In foreign policy, Biden is expected to restore Trump’s relentless confidence in the United States. However, a return to international negotiating tables and treaty systems is linked to the success of domestic policy. “

“Biden’s early season is overshadowed by washing Trump’s dirty laundry because of a new indictment. Nor can it be ruled out that the riots of the right-wing radical movement will continue. ”

“In a difficult situation, however, Biden’s advantage is that he is a highly experienced politician as a former vice president and long-term congressman.”

Morning paper notes that Biden is beginning to lead a divided and confrontational country.

“A harsh trade policy led to an increase in employment until the laxly managed corona epidemic interrupted this too: all that was left was the legacy of trade wars and secession from international agreements.”

“In external relations, the United States is likely to return to the negotiating tables after Twitter messaging and dictator meetings. It is important for the leaders of other countries that the unpredictable tempo in the leadership of the great power gives way. ”

Central Finn Biden believes that as a practical realist experienced in politics, Biden is able to offer much of the old familiar U.S. policy that many longed for during the Trump era.

“Biden has even unrealistic expectations. It must be remembered that the president elected by the United States must first and foremost pursue the interests of his own country. ”


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