Other magazines The tourism industry was disappointed with Finland’s strict line

Kaleva estimates that the flow of tourists to Finland is unlikely to grow larger than the creek this summer.

“This can be expected to happen after the government decided on Tuesday on the conditions for foreign citizens to come to Finland.”

“The policy, from which there was a hard twist inside the government, is tight. This is the case compared to the line in many other countries and the disease situation in Finland. ”

“The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, STM, justified the model now chosen at the press conference with the threat posed by the delta variant of the virus and the fact that the proportion of those who received two vaccinations is lower in Finland than in EU countries on average.”

“According to a decree signed by the Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru (sd), only a small group of countries will be able to travel freely to Finland from next Monday. These include, for example, Australia, Iceland, Israel, China, Poland and some municipalities in northern Norway. ”

“Few Chinese can pack their bags and buy a plane ticket to Finland this summer. You may come to Finland from northern Norway with faster departure decisions. ”

“The big question now is whether there is still too much monitoring in Finland. … The more significant figures are the number of hospital and intensive care patients and the number of deaths. Infections are now concentrated in young age groups with lower viral risks. ”

Etelä-Suomen Sanomat notes that only a handful of countries fall short of the strict policy on low disease risk.

“To the great disappointment of Finnair, the shipping companies and the rest of the tourism industry as a whole, virtually all the countries from which the largest passenger flows to Finland are expected as the summer progresses are missing.”

“Border and port cities, which apparently have reasonable doubts about the adequacy of their control resources, also warned in advance about the tightening of the policy. Despite the protests, the government bowed to the will of the Ministry of Education and Science, which was strongly echoed by the voice of the Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru. ”

“Of course, it was easy for STM to justify its presentation as worrying with the changed corona situation again. The rapidly spreading delta transformation has turned infections into new growth, which requires vigilance in ours as well. Unfortunately, once again, the hard-hit tourism industry has to pay the bill. ”

Lapin Kansa deplores Kiuru’s activities and STM’s “soloing”.

“How is it possible that one minister can walk over the will of parliament and even the government?”



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