Other magazines The control of the coronavirus at the borders is bumpy

Evening News agrees with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, which is preparing a model coronavirus test certificate for tourists, that there is still room for improvement in the health security of Finland’s borders.

“Just at the borders if there’s a rumble in some corona control.”

“When corrective action is taken, at the same time it would be tolerable to decide on coercive tests – and to clarify communication on the corona conditions of tourism.”

“It is still too difficult for a tourist arriving in Finland to find out whether to go for a test at the border or whether to avoid the test by showing a test or medical certificate – or whether these are voluntary.”

“There is a great deal of uncertainty about the corona conditions for tourism, partly because it is precisely the decision-making on testing and proof that has been tangled. And because communication is one mess. ”

“Now we can’t blame the lack of official communication, but on the contrary the excessive abundance of communication – and the fact that a large number of authorities communicate the same things in different ways.”

“Perhaps administrative scientists who are inaugurated in the pecking order of the health administration can assess which agency or institution the citizen who intends to enter the country from abroad can trust. Most travelers don’t belong in the crowd – and for them, the crown conditions of the borders are a sheer mess. ”

Evening paper considers the border coronavirus leak to be a failure of the government of Sanna Marin (sd).

“The fact that the transmission of coronaviruses has not been controlled at borders is, frankly, a strange thing. Namely, last autumn, the government submitted a proposal to Parliament, which would have made it possible to demand a negative test certificate upon arrival in Finland and also mandatory quarantine. The proposal pushed into Parliament, and the government, led by Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd), has tipped the cause specifically to Parliament. In fact, the show crashed because it was completely flawed. The responsibility lies with the government, not Parliament. ”

“Parliament was expected that the government would correct its proposal and bring it back to consideration quickly. That did not happen. This Sunday, Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru (sd) finally announced that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is preparing a model for a pre-test certificate. ”

“The government is getting nowhere to say that it has still not legally handled the performances that allow for a negative test result and forced testing to the finish line. The grounds for requiring test results have always existed. Hopefully the bill will come out of Parliament in the near future. ”

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