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Kaleva writes that housing is now being built vigorously in Finland.

“According to Statistics Finland, 45 per cent more residential buildings were started in March-May than a year ago in the spring. In March-May, building permits were issued for a total of 13,000 apartments, which is almost 23 percent more than last year. ”

“Many other metrics also show that after the Crown Year 2020, construction had accumulated a dam and it began to erupt this summer.”

“Spring and summer have been busy for construction companies, which is reflected in growing turnover.”

“For consumers, the turnaround is reflected in rising prices.”

“It is important to take care of the environmental friendliness of buildings, as it is estimated that almost 40 percent of all energy consumed in Finland is used in buildings. Buildings are responsible for more than 30% of emissions. ”

“Soon new municipal decision-makers will be able to develop the built environment of their locality, as municipalities have a lot of power to determine the direction of land policy and construction through zoning and licensing. In growth centers such as Oulu, municipal politicians are required to have the vision and courage to make far-reaching decisions that have a diverse understanding of human, community, healthy, environmentally sustainable and technically and architecturally high-quality construction. ”

Hämeen Sanomat according to inland waters and sea areas, there was only a sigh of relief as the blue-green algae situation calmed down.

“The fact that there were fewer blue-green algae at the locations of the national blue-green algae monitoring last week than usual is not the whole truth. It was just harder to spot. ”

“As surface waters warm up again, the algal situation will probably be different again.”

“The abundant nutrients on the seabed and in the bays have not been lost anywhere.”

“However, it is useless to hysterize cyanobacteria. Blue-green algae have always been in the waters and will always be to some extent. ”

“Eutrophication of sea and lake waters is a problem that contributes to the growth of cyanobacterial deposits. Eutrophication would be curbed by systematically reducing the external load on surface waters. ”

“External pressures are caused in particular by agriculture and forestry, business activities and wastewater from agglomerations and beach dwellings.”

“Chemical treatment of lake water only seems to help. Oxidation of the depression slows down the release of phosphorus, but the results are unnecessarily modest in terms of cost. ”



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