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Kaleva notes that in a framework debate starting on Wednesday, the government must capture, among other things, its views on when the stimulus should end.

“The board of Sanna Marin (sd) started in December 2019 on the basis of the board of Antti Rinte, and after a few months, the treatment of the corona pandemic fell into my arms. The goal of balancing public finances in 2023 flew to the scrap yard. ”

“Last year, about 20 billion in debt was taken. When the economy did not plunge as badly as expected, last year’s general government deficit was 13 billion. This year, the deficit is expected to reach 10-12 billion. “

“The government – and almost all economists – think it has been wise to soften corona attacks with drastic additional debt. There are now different views within the government on when to put the brakes on borrowing. ”

“The June municipal elections will bring extra tension to the government. The people do not want to be presented with decisions that will lead to additional rounds of the basic Finnish election campaign. ”

“There is particular pressure now in the city center, whose support is eroding even in the latest opinion poll. Fortunately, the party’s awkward decisions on the price of motoring will not come to the table until the fall. Now, for example, we can offer comfort carrots to the peat industry. ”

“It would not be an easy year to start making adjustments either, 2023. That is when the country will hold parliamentary elections. The situation will be alleviated if the economy shakes up briskly. ”

“What domestic means support employment growth is the most pressing issue in the forthcoming framework debate. There is a tightening of earnings-related unemployment security on the table. ”

“The government has promised to make decisions that will bring in new 80,000 employees. In addition to carrots, you have to use a stick here. ”

Iltalehti according to it, it seems that the government is able to squeeze a package out of the frame dispute with which the center can explain that it is continuing the government sky.

“Peat has become such a big symbolic thing for the center that the spirit of the game is now that it needs to get support from others, or it throws itself awkward in employment and economic matters – at least the center wants to give such a picture. The Greens are, of course, opposed to supporting nail and tooth peat for climatic reasons. ”

“At this point, in any case, it looks like a lot of decisions affecting employment are coming, but less so-called tough structural reforms.”

“The government is unlikely to stretch directly to cut unemployment benefits. It was already stretching to cut the pension tube, from which you have to lift your hat. ”

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