Other magazines Löfven is allowed to continue, but the foundation of power is crumbling

Etelä-Suomen Sanomat writes about the solution to the government crisis that hit Sweden a couple of weeks ago.

“Social Democrat Stefan Löfven will be able to build a new government from the demarches and the environmental party.”

“Even the new government doesn’t have a majority in the parliament behind it, so it won’t stay afloat for a day without outside support. The saving party now became the Central Party, which approved Löfven’s return as Prime Minister over the weekend. ”

“This has not yet become completely clear, as the Environmental Party had great difficulty in accepting the boundary conditions set by the city center, among other things, on the level of protection of forests and beaches. After nicotizing his time, the Environmental Party still promised to vote for Löfven’s continuation. ”

“The beak of the Swedish city center and the environmental party is not much different from the disagreements we have had between the city center and the Greens in the government of Sanna Marin (sd). Even more similarities with Finnish politics can be heard in the sharp comments in which the moderate Swedish Conservative Party and the Swedish Democrats have plagued the center after again giving its blessing to Löfven’s government project. ”

“We have been bombarded by the Coalition Party and the Basic Finns with completely the same reproaches.”

“Relieved by the center’s promise of support, Löfven said on Monday he knew the Swedish people did not want extra elections but stability and security during the pandemic. It may be, but the disease situation in our western neighbor has eased so much that Löfven will soon need better justification for staying in power. ”

Evening News notes that Löfven seems to be surviving the worst crisis in his career as prime minister.

“That’s where the game starts.”

“Löfven was able to reconcile the center back to his puzzle, allowing for a continuation on an extremely narrow base.”

“When the calendar elections are held next year anyway, the parties’ desire for adventure will diminish.”

“Löfven showed playful eye and composure. Yet his victory will not solve anything. ”

“Sweden is used to governments coming from the right or left bloc. The system is already somewhat broken. It may not be possible to hold it together after the next parliamentary elections. ”

“The kingdom can be in turmoil. The Swedish Democrats, who have grown their endless support, cannot be barred from the system. “



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