Other magazines It is easy to incite violence under the guise of a joke

So & So magazine in the editorial, Anna Ovaska states that the debate over the rise of the far right and the speech of hatred has been determined by an endless struggle for meanings and interpretations.

“Rhetoric inciting occasional, unforeseen violence exploits and calls for complex networks of interpretation. This is very evident in political violence, the motives and even perpetrators of which are strategically used to create uncertainty. ”

“Furthermore, it has long been known how the rhetoric of extremist movements, for example, obscures the meanings of racist or misogynistic messages by claiming that they are humor or irony, or by hiding behind the fact that ‘only questions’ are asked.”

“Symbols, metaphors, images and memes circulating on the Internet can be used to communicate in an ambiguous way, so that a message that incites violence or demeans people can always be challenged.”

“The interpreter has power: it is important to pay attention both to the presumed intentions of the authors of the messages and to the way the messages are produced and interpreted. It is also important to understand that the purpose of the author and what he says about his own purpose can be two very different things. ”

In the University magazine non-fiction writer Tommi Uschanov argues that the titleing of works has received too little attention in literary research.

“It has been little noticed, but interestingly, that the title of any work is always much more readable than the work itself – and the most read part of any writer’s production is thus the titles of his books. For example, if a book gets 3,000 readers, its name may well be 30,000 or even 300,000, depending on how the book is criticized in high-circulation newspapers. ”

“Titleing is also part of scientific publishing. – – I have been disappointed many times when I’ve picked out a scientific library book from the shelf, the back of a preamble message is a fascinating sounding, but then the subtitle is not “.

“On the other hand, the title can also give an overly seductive picture of the book unintentionally. When the work of the American Lester F. Ward Dynamic Sociology was banned in Russia in 1891, it was thought to be due to the hasty interpretation of its name by the clumsy censorship authorities: dynamite to socialism! ”

“Similarly, a dry technical dissertation by Australian philosopher David Armstrong Bodily Sensations was in danger of remaining in customs in Singapore in the 1980s because ‘bodily sensations’ sounded suspiciously pornographic. ”

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