Other magazines Investment growth is soaring, but still middle-class

Savon Sanomat writes from the Confederation of Finnish Industries’ investment inquiry that the industrial investment rate will hurt to around 24 per cent this year.

“The figure is staggering when compared to the woefully low numbers of recent years, but in international comparison it ranks only in the middle caste.”

“Companies invest when the expected return on their investments.”

“Investments in research and development are the best guarantee for future growth, but the uncertainties associated with them tend to keep the level of investment low. This year, R&D expenditure is estimated at almost EUR 3.4 billion, which is as much as half a billion more than in the previous year. In order to maintain the level, Professor Martti Hetemäki’s recent proposal for a reduction in companies’ research and development should be taken seriously. ”

The future of rural areas according to the price of food touches records.

“Development may well continue in the same direction. Advancing climate change will inevitably reduce the area suitable for agriculture in the coming decades in many countries. As the world’s population grows at the same time, the upward pressure on food prices will continue. ”

“As world food prices rise, so do the opportunities for domestic trading groups to import cheap food from the world. During the Korona year, Finnish consumers have also appreciated domestic products even more than before. ”

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the best opportunity for the Finnish food industry and at the same time producers to increase their income in the future is to accelerate exports. The number of Finns will not increase significantly, food consumption will not increase in Finland, and even if domesticity in consumer habits strengthens, it will be difficult for producers to build a sustainable rise in prices on the domestic market. There are examples of accelerating exports, and foreign trade is no longer dependent on promises alone. Still, it is worth doing everything in front of it. ”

The people of Lapland writes that decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court (Supreme Administrative Court) are clarifying the boundaries of Airbnb operations, but do not yet answer all the questions.

“The decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court are read especially carefully in the capital of Lapland, where there are the most Airbnb apartments in Finland in relation to the population.”

“Airbnb plays an important role in Rovaniemi’s tourism. Activities should not be banned, but the rules of the game need to be clarified. In addition to the guidelines of the Supreme Administrative Court, this requires new legislation. ”



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