Other magazines Diseases are more likely to spread from animals to humans as nature becomes impoverished

Central Finn deals with WWF ‘s new report that the world’ s vertebrate animal populations are shrinking at a very alarming rate.

“All human activity is related to and based on nature. In this way, human well-being also relies on the well-being of nature, and the impoverishment of nature is already threatening the realization of all the goals of sustainable development in this decade. For example, the same causes that undermine biodiversity increase the risk of the spread of new animal-to-human diseases. ”

“The main reason for the decline in vertebrate wildlife populations is known. It is human activity, living beyond the carrying capacity of nature. Habitat-destroying land use and over-consumption of natural resources is the greatest threat to nature and animals across the globe. Finns are not liberated from this nasty truth by the argument cultivated by the local populists that Finland, as a small nation, would not be responsible for the state of the world. ”

“People in the northern hemisphere are largely behind the over-consumption of natural resources and the unsustainable exploitation of species and land use change. For example, 90 percent of the environmental impact of Finnish food is outside Finland. The responsibility for living in one planet is truly shared. ”

Morning paper notes that behind the depletion of populations there is a human being who overspends natural resources.

“As they expand their own living space, man robs animals of their traditional habitats. In addition to the fragmentation of habitats, climate change, accelerated by human activity, is also reducing the living space of animals. ”

“We all have to worry about such rapid and widespread species extinction. A coronavirus pandemic is a good reminder of that. The more biodiversity degrades, the more room is allowed for new animal-to-human diseases, zoonoses, to emerge. ”

“As man penetrates deeper and deeper into nature, encounters between wildlife and humans increase. … Global warming is also forcing animals to move. More and more often they are looking for people close to human settlements. ”

“This is what more and more bats and rodents are doing. These two mammalian sects are the source of most of the new infectious diseases that are transmitted from animal to human through an intermediate host. ”

“When the future is seen by many in the Korona period, it is also good to sacrifice the idea of ​​man’s relationship with nature and what and how we consume.”


Bhavi Mandalia

Bhavi Mandalia

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