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The people of Lapland hopes that the prospects for leisure tourism to Finland from abroad will become clearer during the coming winter season.

“Currently, you can enter Finland if you have received a full series of coronary vaccinations, become ill within six months or have been tested and received a negative test result no more than three days before arrival.”

“Clear guidelines have made it easier to plan for the future of the tourism industry. However, the current regulations are only in force on 15.10. until. In the case of winter tourism, therefore, the conditions for entry are not entirely certain. ‘

“In practice, the government should decide by mid-September on the conditions for entering Finland after mid-October.”

“There are probably three options. All restrictions will be lifted and free entry. The current restrictions will have a new expiry date, ie they will be extended as they are. The third option is to remove the existing restrictions, but to introduce some new, more lenient restrictions. “

“It goes without saying that from the point of view of the recovery of tourism, it would be best to return to the pre-pandemic situation, ie remove restrictions. Complex regulations tend to discourage tourists because they are difficult to communicate around the world. The easiest thing to say is: welcome. ”

“If the government wants to further restrict entry, the minimum requirement is that future instructions are clear and predictable and can simply be communicated around the world.”

“A new quiet Christmas and winter season would be devastating for Lapland’s tourism industry.”

Evening paper write. There is still no clear view in Finland when interest rate restrictions can be waived.

“An example of a clear line can be found in Denmark, which intends to abandon all corona control measures on 10 September, and corona is no longer classified as a disease dangerous to society, even though the incidence of the disease is higher than in Finland.”

“In Finland, the corona strategy and the indicators guiding it are still the same as at the beginning of the epidemic, and they do not take into account, for example, the increase in vaccine coverage. The law on infectious diseases, which is considered problematic, has not yet been updated. There is also a corona passport in the same slow formula preparation, which is already used in many countries. ”

“If the government wants changes in the policies of regional government agencies, it should amend the Communicable Diseases Act and update its hybrid strategy. Fortunately, these steps have now been taken, but very slowly and retrospectively. ”



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