Ore field The municipal initiative handed over to the City of Helsinki calls for a referendum on the future of Malmi Airport

The airport association was allowed to appeal to the Court of Appeal against the decision to terminate the lease.

On Monday A municipal initiative was presented to the City of Helsinki, which will present a referendum on the future of Malmi Airport, friends of Malmi Airport say in a press release. The title of the initiative on the kuntalaisaloite.fi website is “Municipal referendum on maintaining Helsinki-Malmi Airport in aviation”.

The initiative has been signed by more than 31,000 Helsinki residents. The referendum would ask whether Helsinki-Malmi Airport should be maintained for aviation use? You could answer yes or no.

Malmin the airport association, for its part, reports that it has received permission from the court of appeal to appeal the recent decision of the district court. The airport association had brought an action against the city of Helsinki for terminating the runway lease agreement. Last December, however, the district court settled the dispute in favor of the city.

Chairman of the Airport Association Pasi Siimes tells HS that, in addition to appealing to the Court of Appeal against the termination of the lease, the association is asking the Court of Appeal to suspend the eviction.

HS said last Decemberthat the landowner, the City of Helsinki, started evicting pilots from the Malmi airport area.

It has been decided to convert Malmi Airport into a residential area. Numerous decisions have been made in the Helsinki City Council.

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