Opera Review The terrible passion of chastity of the upper class of the small town is shown in comic light at the Albert Herring Opera of the Sibelius Academy

The Albert Herring Opera at the Sibelius Academy is a great treat for lovers of comic opera, writes a critic of HS. It’s a shame that the corona restrictions cut off performances in the middle of it all.

Classical in the Sonore Hall of the Albert Herring Music Hall of Benjamin Britten on 21.11. Music director Markus Lehtinen, directed by Victoria Newlyn, directed by Sampo Pyhälä, costumes, Taina Relander, disguised, Tuija Luukkainen, lights by Eero Erkamo. Opera education at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Damage, that the corona restrictions would cut off the Sibelius Academy Albert Herring performances in the middle of it all. A hilarious and agile implementation would be a great treat for lovers of comic opera.

Theatrical and musical humor and parody flourished Sampo Pyhälä in fairy-tale-like charming and cleverly movable cardboard boxes.

The instructor was an Englishman Victoria Newlynwho has worked a lot with singing students. He is also an actor and choreographer.

What the more English the classroom community of the small town of Loxford from 1948 looks, the more fun and sharper comedy is usually promised.

Albert Herring musically there is no easy opera. The conversational style dominates the musical flow of the opera, and everyone gets their own characteristic way of expression.

Problems can arise in recitative periods because Britten handles the rhythm very freely. There are ensemble scenes and tangles where the song lines run a different path than the accompaniment and all still have their own paths.

The greater the recognition must be given Markus Lehtisen management. In the second premiere, each role featured a singer with both voice and essence. Everyone had a lot of comic energy, and sonorous and healthy, well-educated voices.

The spirit of comedy had also captured the small orchestra, which did colorful precision work and participated in the course of events with inexhaustibly descriptive and imaginative tones and rhythms.

Many The Britten Operas deal with the loss of innocence, as well Albert Herring, but this time in a comic light.

Albert is a modest and well-mannered young man who runs his mother’s general store. He has had to live under the harsh command of his mother and has not even been able to try to do anything reprehensible. With the power of a vodka and piece trip, Albert manages to become independent.

Sometimes you’ve seen stupid Alberts. Tenor Jasper Leppänen is tall and handsome. As kind and shy as this was his Albert at first, he revealed intelligent traits. Leppänen performed his demanding vocal part in a bright and elegant way, in humanly sensitive tones.

Albert becomes the Prince of Spring, because no Lidford has found such a chaste girl this time who has earned the title of Queen of Spring. Without feeling the joy, Albert could not be ashamed of his celebration.

The comic central figure was a soprano Maria Turusen Lady Billows, Loxford’s chief moral guard. With his metallically insulting, handsome voice, he condemns all young girls as Huts and the whole place as a nest of sin and filth.

The lady seemed suffragette in her riding outfit, as did her masculine assistant, a Latvian Sniezde Kanapen Florence Pike, stunningly interpreted by her strong voice.

When the Spring Festival arrived, the lady surprisingly hatched into a very feminine creature and Florence became even more masculine. There seems to be an obvious couple here.

Supervisor Indeed, Newlyn has cleverly brought out the sexual impulses that lurk in the terrible chastity and complacent hypocrisy of the upper class of Lady Billows and the entire small town.

In the magical nocturnal afternoon of the Spring Festival, everyone waved large-sized fruit toys in their hands – that is, clear sexual symbols. After all, Albert sells fruit in his shop.

The stage is full of apt satirical characters. Iris Calendaria is a sobering teacher and looks like a dancing musical star. Veikko Vallinoja is a God-fearing pastor, Axel Ferrand a hysterically prone mayor and police chief Janne Sihvo a somewhat slow-witted but stiff man with a nice and sense of humor. Olivia Kyllänen is terribly irritable and at the same time life-loving Mrs. Herring.

Ruut Mattilan fresh bright singing, sensible Nancy and Luke Scottin the cheerful and supple Sid were ordinary young people in love and playful, devoid of character traits.

Eeva Suvannon, Iida Aaarnion and Otso Kallion the teasing group of children presented by the group was a perfect hit, echoing an ideally brisk, direct and pure song.


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