Opera Jorma Uotinen directs the ten-hour Wagner Ring in a years-long major project: “It could be that I am dead when the last year comes”

Jorma Uotinen will work on an opera in his hometown of Pori until 2027.

Dancer-choreographer Jorma Uotinen guides condensed interpretation Richard Wagnerin Nibelung ring -tetralogy to the Pori Theater in 2023–2027.

This is a masterpiece that has been praised Jonathan Doven and instructor Graham Vickin the arrangement also takes a total of ten hours.

Ring will be performed at the Pori Theater as a production of the Satakunta Music Festival. From 2023 one part per year is shown and in 2027 all four parts of the Nibelung ring are shown. The joint measurement will take ten hours. Performances are always in June, before Midsummer.

Jorma Uotinen, 71, says on the phone that he is happy to be able to perform the work in his hometown and in the theater where his career began.

Producer of the work Ville Salonen and Artistic Director of the Music Festival Reetta Haavisto asked Uoti to be the director.

“After thinking for a while, I got excited. This is one of the most amazing works, ”Uotinen describes.

According to Uotinen, the opera, which will be performed by 12 singers and 18 musicians, is a fascinating challenge.

“It may be that the director has to be changed over the years. I’m already an old guy and it could be that I’m dead when the last year comes, ”says Uotinen.

“But let’s start with the fact that by 2023 Valkyrie succeed. Then let’s see how the guy is doing. ”

Exceptionally, the second part of the tetralogy is implemented first Valkyrie in 2023. It will be followed Reininkulta together Valkyrie with in 2024. Siegfried presented in 2025 and Destruction of the gods in 2026.

Uotinen has directed not only a couple hundred dance works but also a few operas in the past: Candiden To Vaasa City Theater in 2017, more operas to Oulu City Theater Leena Salonen in cooperation with, inter alia Verdi’s mask interests (2004) and Orpheus and Eurydice (2008).

In addition, he has directed numerous choreographies for operas and performed in opera works most recently Straussin Ariadne auf Naxos in the opera 2020.

However, Uotinen has not done such a long-term project before.

“Because there are so countless interpretations of Wagner, maybe one of Uotinen can fit in.”

“It is essential that mental alertness is maintained. But it’s also 80-year-old presidents. I just have to go for it. ”

To the first there are still two years before the premiere. At this point, Uotinen does not want to define what kind of interpretation he is making.

“Then I would delineate my creative process.”

Rehearsal sessions will begin in the fall.

Jonathan Doven The ring has been performed extensively around the world, including in Berlin, Paris, London and Birmingham.

The operas are conducted by a conductor Jonas Rannila. The visualization is the responsibility of the director of the Finnish National Theater Kati Lukka and Costume Designer Tarja Simonen. The choreographer is Pori Dance Company Riku Lehtopolku.

Nibelung ring or shorter Ring is a masterpiece of four operas by composer Richard Wagner, for which the composer created a libretto and composition over a total of 26 years.

As a whole Ring was first performed at the Wagner Music Festival in Bayreuth in August 1876.



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