One died in a crash of a log truck and two cars on Highway 12

The accident happened on a Saturday morning.

One a person died in a crash on highway 12 in Haarankylä, Lahti, on Saturday, police say.

The accident, which occurred shortly after eleven in the morning, involved a log truck and two passenger cars.

The driver of the log truck had been driving from the direction of Kouvola towards Lahti, when a passenger car from the opposite direction had drifted into the lane used by the log truck. The passenger car collided with the front of a log truck, after which the car crashed into the front of a passenger car driving in the direction of Kouvola due to the force of the collision.

The driver of a passenger car, a middle-aged woman who collided with the front of a log truck, died in a crash. The other cars had a total of three people. None of them were injured in the accident.

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