Olympics Why is the Olympics called Tokyo 2020, even though it is now 2021?

When the transfer of the Olympics was announced in March 2020, the International Olympic Committee immediately announced that the name would remain even if the year of the event changed.


Tokyo the olympics have now officially begun. The first gold medal of the Games was also handed out on Saturday morning: it went to the Chinese in a women’s air rifle Qian Yang. He dedicated his victory to the Chinese Communist Party.

Qian Yang

In Tokyo, the gold medal hung around the winners ’necks weighs 556 grams. On the front of it is engraved the goddess of victory Nike. On the back is a swirl, Olympic rings and the text “Tokyo 2020”.

So, 2020 – even now living in the year 2021. Even the Olympic Press Center’s wireless network is called Sushi2020.

Why is the Olympics still being talked about according to last year?

Becausethat the current Games are officially the 2020 Olympics.

They are just being held a year late because of a coronavirus pandemic, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) answers a question that quite a few people have asked it.

When the relocation of the Olympics was announced in the first year of the pandemic, in the spring of 2020, The IOC immediately informedthat the name will remain Tokyo 2020, even if the year changes.

The practical reason is money. The Japanese had spent at least millions of euros on the Olympic brand. The name was already printed on t-shirts, coffee cups, building walls, advertisements and airplane sides.

A one-digit change that sounded simple would have meant huge costs, once all the Olympic materials and marketing had been completed under the carefully crafted Tokyo 2020 brand.

Tokyo the 2020 Games were postponed to the end of March last year, just four months before they were originally scheduled to begin.

The change in the number of years would have affected not only the competition hosts but also, for example, the sponsors. In Japan, sponsors have been using the Tokyo 2020 logo since 2015.

The inauguration of Tokyo 2020 was held in July 2021. There was a ban on singing on the spot.

Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike stated in a television interview after the decision to postpone the Games that the Olympic year is always even.

“Odd numbers are out of the question,” Koike said The Wall Street Journal by.

This was the first time the Olympics were postponed. The Games have been canceled five times due to wars in the history of the modern Olympics.

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