Olympics Walker Jarkko Kinnunen leaves for his fourth Olympics: “More than I could even dream of as a little boy”

Nine new athletes were selected for the Finnish Olympic team.

11.6. 14:00

Finland the team for the Tokyo Olympics grew by nine athletes on Friday.

The Board of the Finnish Olympic Committee confirmed the Olympic selections made by the Top Sports Unit, and the shooters were selected Eetu Kallioinen and Lari Pesonen (shotgun skeet), badminton player Kalle Koljonen (duel), swimmer Fanny Teijonsalo (50 meters freestyle) and athletes Senni Salminen (triple jump), Jarkko Kinnunen (50 km race), Elmo Lakka (110 meter hurdles) and Reetta Hurske and Annimari Korte (100m hurdles).

Finland a total of 27 athletes have now been selected for the team.

“The results of spring and early summer have been gratifyingly good on a broad front. The European Badminton, Swimming and Shooting Championships and the opening of the athletics season have offered great Finnish moments. Ten athletes have already been selected, so I strongly believe that a much larger athletics team will be seen in Tokyo than in Rio in 2016, ”Director of the Top Sports Unit Mika Lehtimäki say in the press release.

According to Lehtimäki, the goal is to get the Olympic team of about 50 athletes on their feet.

To the fourth Jarkko Kinnunen, 37, a racer chosen for his Olympics, has both joy and longing for the Tokyo Games, as the Olympic medals will be decided for the last time in the 50-kilometer race.

“Yes, it involves a lot of longing feelings that your own great sport will disappear from the race program after Tokyo. But of course the focus is on moving towards the race, strictly in one’s own performance and positive feelings, ”Kinnunen says in the press release.

“Representing Finland four times at the Olympics is more than I could even dream of as a little boy from Jalasjärvi. That he has been able to pull on a blue cross shirt with full and his own extremes – it is indescribably great, ”Kinnunen moods.



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