Olympics Viivi Lehikoinen was excited about her long place: she lost 0.02 seconds in the time comparison: “I am disappointed, even though she did quite well”

Tokyo became the second best result of his career, but it was not enough in the tough semi-finals. The Helsinki resident honored his race place with honor.


Viivi Lehikoinen ran in the second 400-meter early round early in Saturday in Tokyo, and got excited in the stadium oven for a long time about how she was doing.

When all five first rounds ran, Lehikoinen’s Olympic debut ended in 21st place. He was 0.02 seconds behind the semi-finals in the time comparison.

“Of course it’s annoying and I’m disappointed. The feeling was good, as were the legs, ”Lehikoinen said.

The Helsinki resident honored his race place with honor. He ran tight in the second best time of his career at 55.67. It fell short of his season best of 55.42.

With Lehiko is behind three weaker years. This season, running and authentication have started to move again with the new Swiss coach Laurent Meuwly changed the practice.

The former endurance-focused workout turned into more speed and technology.

“It went just fine though. The first eight fences I ran in 16 steps. My coach is probably as disappointed as I am, but pleased to be here, ”Lehikoinen said.

The Olympic race increased Lehikoinen’s training hunger for next season. Admittedly, there are still new races for a month this summer, such as the Kaleva Games and the Sweden match.

“I’m really motivated for next season. I want to get better. ”

The fastest in the first rounds was the United States Dalilah Muhammad, who knocked to the finish in a time of 53.97. Muhammad will defend his Olympic gold from Rio in 2016. He is also the 2019 World Champion



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