Olympics The Ugandan Olympic team that arrived in Tokyo already has two corona infections

The first members of the Uganda Olympic team arrived in Japan last Saturday.

Tokyo The Ugandan Olympic team, which traveled to Japan last week for the Olympics, has already found another coronavirus infection, the Japanese Kyodo News as well as a sports site Inside the Games reported on Wednesday.

The group, which arrived in Japan on Saturday, includes nine Ugandans. There are boxers, weightlifters and swimmers as well as their coaches.

One member of the group was already diagnosed with the coronavirus upon arrival at Narita Airport. According to Inside the Games, the infected person is a coach who has been vaccinated and who tested negative before the trip.

Other Ugandans stayed in the city of Izumisano in Osaka Prefecture. The second corona infection was announced to the public on Wednesday.

The city of Izumisano has asked representatives of the Ugandan delegation to stay at their hotel and avoid training until July 3rd.

Ugandans who arrived in Japan on Saturday were scheduled to leave earlier, but their departure was delayed as the corona situation in Uganda turned for the worse.

The Tokyo Olympics are scheduled for July 23rd. The Games were supposed to be held as early as last year, but they were postponed by a year due to the corona pandemic.



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