Olympics The torchbearer returned to the spotlight, but the road rose – Beloved Naomi Osaka gave face to the fierce pressure of superstars

Japan tennis hero, four-time grand slam winner Naomi Osaka is an outdoor women’s Olympic tennis singles.

The loss came directly in two installments. Ranked 42nd on the world list by the Czech Republic Marketa Vondrousova took a surprise win and defeated the Osaka Olympic Tournament in the quarterfinals by 6-1, 6-4.

Osaka, who finished second in the WTA ranking for the tournament, was a pre-favorite of the match, but the Czech’s brilliant game made Osaka succumb to easy mistakes, and Japan’s medal hope didn’t make it into the game.

Medal favorite Naomi Osaka’s game froze with easy mistakes.

A lot was certainly expected of the tennis star, after all, he is the face of the whole competitions. Speaking in public about human rights and mental health issues, Osaka opened the Tokyo Olympics by lighting an Olympic flame.

At the same time, it was the player’s return to the limelight.

Osaka has been out of the public eye since he caused a stir in the French Open in May-June by refusing to press.

He stated that she does not attend post-match media events because she finds them oppressive and wants to protect her mental health. Osaka was willing to pay the fines.

In addition to the fines, all four grand slam tournaments issued a joint bulletin threatening additional penalties and shelving from the tournaments.

Soon, however, the sound on the clock changed and Osaka was praised for raising an important topic. Soon he was offered understanding and help.

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Sports and competition are fierce, but an athlete may not be. And you don’t have to be.

Boycott eventually grew much larger than Osaka would have guessed. He announced he would take a break from tennis and publicity.

In her tweet, Osaka said she has suffered from depression for a long time and is an introverted person who feels insecure in social situations.

“I’m not naturally good at speaking at public events and I experience a huge wave of uncertainty when I have to speak to the world media,” Osaka wrote.

Tennis star has garnered much sympathy in his previous statements. He has become known as an advocate of equality, especially through the black lives matter (BLM) campaign.

Osaka’s mother is Japanese and her father is Haitian. Osaka himself has experienced racism when attempted to whiten him in cartoons.

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At the U.S. Open in September 2020, Osaka wore a mask with the name of the victim of various police shootings on each round.

“I have these seven, and it’s pretty sad that seven masks aren’t enough to cover all the names. I hope I get to the finals so you can see them all, ”Osaka commented during the tournament.

Naomi Osaka pays tribute to the memory of Breonna Taylor, who died of police violence, with her face mask.

Completely out of publicity Osaka has not been since the French Open, but how and where he has performed has been carefully considered.

In July, a three-part Netflix documentary about Osaka was published, which reveals the portrait of a tennis player in a multi-tone way. It explains, among other things, how strongly the BLM business has influenced Osaka.

Osaka is also the cover model for the recently released Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, as the first dark-skinned female athlete.

The fall from the Olympics was a big disappointment for Osaka, It certainly was also for the Japanese in general and a big surprise for the tennis audience as well.

“I’m always disappointed after a loss, but this hurts more than others,” Osaka told news agency AFP.

Osaka said he experienced a lot of pressure from the Olympics and couldn’t really handle them.

“I had a lot of pressure. It was probably because I hadn’t played in the Olympics before. For the first time, there was a lot to deal with here. ”

“This was the best I could do in this situation.”

The fall is stinging, but Osaka also has a lot to offer the Olympics outside the field.

Naomi Osaka is one of Japan’s brightest sports stars.



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