Olympics The Finnish Olympic team took almost its final shape – one spear spot still open

Antti Ruuskanen and Oliver Helander decide the last Olympic place in the men’s spear.

Finland the olympic committee on Monday announced the near-final team for the olympics in tokyo.

A swimmer was selected for the team on Monday Mimosa Jallow as well as athletes Lassi Etelätalo, Maria Huntington, Sara Kuivisto, Silja Kosonen, Toni Kuusela, Elina Lampela, Viivi Lehikoinen, Wilma Murto, Kristiina Mäkelä, Nooralotta Neziri, Camilla Richardsson and Krista Tervo.

In addition to Etelätalo and Kuusela, Finland announced two other athletes for the javelin throw, as not only three competing athletes but also one deputy representative may be appointed to the team.

Eligible for the competition Antti Ruuskanen and Oliver Helander decide the last Olympic venue with each other. The solution will be made after Joensuu gp on July 14.

“The shooters are aware of the selection criteria agreed with SUL and are committed to them,” said the Director of the Finnish Olympic Committee’s Center of Excellence. Mika Lehtimäki says in a press release.

Since the appointment of the last spearman, the size of the Olympic team is 48 athletes competing in 12 different sports.

Team may also be supplemented by athletes who may subsequently receive a wild card.

Lehtimäki says that the Olympic Committee’s initial assessment and goal was 50 eligible athletes. The goal would have been met if the sprinter Lotta Kemppinen would not be injured, tennis player Emil Ruusuvuori would have gone to races and badminton Airi Mikkelä would have continued his career.

“Besides, we are still excited Anni Vuohijoki fate for weightlifting wild cards, ”Lehtimäki said.

The Tokyo Olympics start on Friday, July 23rd. Football and softball will be played at the Games earlier, on July 21st.

Finnish Olympic team

Selected on July 5:

  • Swimming (1): Mimosa Jallow.

  • Athletics (12): Lassi Etelätalo (javelin throw), Maria Huntington (heptathlon), Sara Kuivisto (800 meters and 1,500 meters), Silja Kosonen (hammer throw), Toni Kuusela (javelin throw), Elina Lampela (pole vault), Viivi Lehikoinen (400 meter hurdles), Wilma Murto (pole vault), Kristiina Mäkelä (triple jump), Nooralotta Neziri (100 meters hurdles), Camilla Richardsson (3,000 meters hurdles), Krista Tervo (hammer throw).

  • In addition, Oliver Helander and Antti Ruuskanen will decide the fate of the third Olympic place in the javelin throw.

Previously selected:

  • Shooting sports (3): Eetu Kallioinen (skeet), Lari Pesonen (skeet), Satu Mäkelä-Nummela (trap).

  • Golf (4): Matilda Castrén, Sanna Nuutinen, Kalle Samooja, Sami Välimäki.

  • Archery (1): Antti Vikström.

  • Dressage (1): Henri Ruoste.

  • Road cycling (1): Lotta Henttala.

  • Boxing (1): Mira Potkonen.

  • Wrestling (2): Elias Kuosmanen, Arvi Savolainen.

  • Sailing (4): Akseli Keskinen, Sinem Kurtbay, Kaarle Tapper, Tuula Tenkanen.

  • Windsurfing (1): Wind Petäjä-Sirén.

  • Skateboarding (1): Lizzie Armanto.

  • Badminton (1): Kalle Koljonen.

  • Swimming (4): Ida Hulkko, Ari-Pekka Liukkonen, Matti Mattsson, Fanny Teijonsalo.

  • Athletics (10): Reetta Hurske (100m hurdles), Ella Junnila (high jump), Jarkko Kinnunen (racing), Annimari Korte (100m hurdles), Elmo Lakka (110m hurdles), Aleksi Ojala (racing), Veli-Matti “Aku” Partanen (racing walk), Kristian Pulli (long jump), Topi Raitanen (3,000 meters hurdles), Senni Salminen (triple jump).



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