Olympics The decathlon of the European Championship gold medalist ended in his face in the sand after a reckless aerial flight

Thomas van der Plaetsen of Belgium betrayed in a long jump.

Men the opening day of the tenth match went largely to Canada Damian Warnerin pace, and the man led the race after four races. However, the day also included one nasty injury.

Warner was in a tremendous blow at a hundred yards and length. He pressed a hundred yards at 10.12 and jumped 824 in length.

However, one competitor’s race contract was interrupted for the long jump.

Of the year 2016 European Champion of Belgium Thomas van der Plaetsen in fact, he badly injured his leg in his first attempt.

His right foot betrayed just at the moment of effort, and van der Plaetsen ended up in his sand on his stomach after a reckless aerial flight.

Van der Plaetsen, his face lying in the sand, couldn’t get up, he just rolled aside from the sand. Eventually, he was taken out of the stadium in a wheelchair.



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