Olympics Swimmer Ari-Pekka Liukkonen talks about Olympic anxiety on social media – Had to miss the Games completely

The swimmer, who won the European Championship gold in May, says that “things started out of the glove” after the first rounds of one hundred meters.

Swimmer Ari-Pekka Liukkonen told Instagram about his difficulties at the Tokyo Olympics. On Friday, Liukkonen failed in his main distance in the 50-meter freestyle.

He was last in the starting round and 26th in the overall qualifiers with a time of 22.25 seconds. In May, Liukkonen won European Championship gold with a time of 21.61.

Liukkonen is an experienced Olympic visitor, the Tokyo Olympics were the swimmer’s third.

“In London, the flu surprised, in Rio it no longer came as a surprise. When I left for Tokyo, it was already known that stress and anxiety were behind the symptoms of the previous games, ”Liukkonen writes.

June was heavy and stressful for the swimmer, anxiety was present in everyday life. A couple of days before going to the race, the swimmer wondered together with the doctor and psychologist whether it makes sense to go to the race?

Liukkonen decided to leave and the start went well. However, before the first round of the 100-meter freestyle, something happened.

“It started out of a glove, and I don’t remember much of that couple of hours. For the next three days, I tried alone and together with the team professionals to keep the ideas together and prepare for the race. ”

The body also reminded me of various ailments and I felt powerless. However, the swimmer kept the focus essential and reminded himself that he was in a bad condition.

“In Rio, I didn’t even know what anxiety was. Now I fought it with all my might and when my own strength ran out, there was always someone to help either by the side or at the end of the phone. ”

On Friday, Liukkonen swam on his main trip for the same period as in Rio five years earlier. It was, according to the swimmer, as good a swim as it was possible after four days of fighting.

“The last week was something that no one would have to experience, but because of the Olympic dream, I wanted to look at that path to the end,” Liukkonen writes.

Athletes ’pressures and mental health have been much on display at the Tokyo Olympics. For example, a gymnast star Simone Biles has missed several gymnastics sections and the tennis peak that dropped to the top of the tournament Naomi Osaka said he experienced severe pressure.

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