Olympics Superstar Simone Biles’ team reserve gymnast has a corona infection

The United States an Olympic team scaffolding gymnast has received a positive result in a coronavirus test at a finishing camp near Tokyo. Another gymnast he also quarantined due to the related exposure, reports the news agency AFP.

That gymnast is 18 years old Kara Eaker. He is a substitute gymnast on a team whose number one athlete is a superstar Simone Biles.

Eaker’s father revealed that it was his daughter and said he had no symptoms and had received two vaccinations.

USA according to the team, Eaker is now isolated in hotel accommodation.

Eaker arrived in Japan on July 15th. According to Kyodo News, the rest of the team moved to the Olympic Village on Monday.

By Monday night, four people had been diagnosed with corona infection in the Olympic Village.



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