Olympics Sara Kuivisto ran as many as four Finnish records in Tokyo – Coach Ari Suhonen promises a fair improvement in results this summer


When something is done or given “in Porvoo measure”, it is done fairly and also giving a little bit extra.

Just to the extent of the runner Sara Kuivisto drew results at the Olympics in Tokyo.

Kuivisto from Porvoo ran a total of four Finnish records on the Olympic track. That number alone is Finland’s record if we do not go back a hundred years.

There are still a surprising number of Finnish recorders of running trips at the Olympics.

Markku Kukkoahon time at 400 meters 44.49 and Pekka Vasalan At 1,500 meters, 3.36.3 in Munich in 1972 may remain unbeaten for a long time.

Annemari Sandell ran 10,000 meters at SE 31.40.42 in Atlanta in 1996.

The Finnish records for speed and fencing are more recent: Tommi Hartonen 200 meters in 2000 in Sydney 20.47 and Oskari Mörö 400 meters in authentic 49.04 in Rio in 2016.

Coach Ari Suhonen not surprised by the pace of his protector.

“Sara’s results are now starting to be at the right level. They have been in the bottom line. That is why Finnish records are set like a conveyor belt, ”says Suhonen by phone from Porvoo.

Suhonen, 55, himself has two more SE times: 800 and 1,000 meters. Kasin SE’s 1.44,10 he ran in Zurich on August 16, 1989. The ton SE was run in Lahti on August 11, 1987.

In Tokyo, Suhonen would have reached the final in 800 meters.

Suhonen and Kuivisto go through each run before and after the race.

This has been done throughout the coaching relationship, i.e. ten years. In Tokyo, Kuivisto thanked Suho for always thinking about everything.

“Ari is the exact man. All I had to do was run, ”Kuivisto said.

Suhonen has not found any errors or remarks in Kuivisto’s Tokyo runs.

“Exactly, tactics can’t be locked. Sara has learned to read about running during it. He has become temperate, not in a hurry. You learn from mistakes, ”says Suhonen.

According to Suhonen, the 29-year-old Kuivisto is a very conscientious coach who uncompromisingly does everything that is included in the training program.

So ideal for the coach to train.

After all, even a small disagreement is created when the right attempt is made.

“If I put on an exercise program that is free today, Sara says she could still do something. I answer that a holiday is a holiday. That’s the only thing he puts on. ”

“Sara is a really good competitor, and she enjoys it.”

In Tokyo, Sara Kuivisto ran the 800-meter and 1,500-meter SE results twice again.

Arboretum improved twice the 800-meter Finnish record in Tokyo. First she ran in the first rounds 2.00.15 and then in the semi-finals as the first Finnish woman in less than two minutes 1.59.41.

On his second Olympic trip at 1,500 meters, Kuivisto ran in the first round of SE 4.04.10. In the semi-finals, time still improved to closer to four minutes, 4.02.35.

After four SEs, Kuivisto thought tired of his future travel choices. Before Tokyo, he thought this was a farewell summer to the cat.

After Tokyo, he was no longer as sure. Based on the results alone, 800 meters was better for him than 1,500 meters, which Kuivisto craves.

“Now I don’t really know,” he said.

According to Suhonen, there has been an evolution in Kuivisto’s training. Years of training have brought an upward trend in competitions.

As development develops, the head’s ability to perceive tactical patterns improves. The phenomenon applies to all sports.

“Sara is a really good competitor and she enjoys it. When you enjoy and like, it’s really a lot. We have learned to hone our top condition, journey like journey, ”says Suhonen.

Ari Suhonen (1), Jari Venäläinen (3) and Jukka Savonheimo (2) celebrated a triple victory in the Swedish match in September 1988.

What about which one has run flat for a better time, coach or coach?

The question is hypothetical, but always the athlete wants to be better than his coach. Especially if the coach is a former competitive athlete.

To do this, you need to look at the International Athletics (WA) 2017 scoreboard. Suhonen gets 1,201 points for his time in 800 meters, Kuivisto 1,175 points.

The difference is 26 points in favor of Suhonen. To get to the same level as Suhonen, Kuivisto should run 800 meters at 1.57.87.

Is it possible?

“I think Sara will still have an end time of 1.58 this year. It requires really good racing, conditions and of course optimal pace distribution. The hardest times are done in the Diamond League in a tough company, when you can hang out with others, ”says Suhonen.

This was also Suhonen’s tactic at the time. At the Olympics, he ran just one run, the 800-meter first round in Seoul in 1988.

Next summer, Kuivisto will have the World Championships in Eugene, USA (July 15-24, 2022) and the European Championships in Munich, Germany (August 15-21). The European Championships in particular are a big goal.

In Tokyo, Kuivisto was the sixth best European runner and missed 13 hundredths of the final.

“Even though it was so close, nothing is annoying. We are both happy with that run. Sara tried her best, there was nothing better she could do. Great fight. ”

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