Olympics Rare unsportsmanlike conduct or pure injury? The European champion saw a special trick in the Olympic marathon

Morhad Amdoun of France did not seem to have a drink bottle in his hand.

Marathon world record man kenya Eliud Kipchoge lived up to expectations and took Olympic gold in Tokyo, but the race also saw a rather special event.

When the top runners arrived at the soldering point at about 28 kilometers, the Frenchman, who won 10,000 meters of European Championship gold in 2018, presented Morhad Amdouni quite an exceptional trick.

Amdouni poured a long row of water bottles from the soldering table with his hand and only took the last bottle for himself.

27 degrees in a heat run marathon, dehydration is considerable. Now, at least right after Amdoun, the runner was left without a bottle of water.

Indeed, there was a heated speculation in the social media as to whether the trick was intentional or an injury caused by hot conditions and strain.

Amdouni was finally 17th in the race and lost to Kichog for almost six minutes.



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