Olympics Matti Mattsson has not always been trusted in the sauna parliament, the mayor of Pori recognizes the criticality: “Everyone thinks he is the best expert”

“Matti is Matti from Pori, and the people of Pori are sincerely happy that he has been successful,” says Mayor Aino-Maija Luukkonen.

In Pori is supervised and tense Matti Mattsson swimming performance. Mayor Aino-Maija Luukkonen the alarm clock rings at half past four early on Thursday morning. At the town hall, the race studio was run by a small group of officials and the Pori Swimming Club.

Luukkonen sounds quite cheerful, even though the night’s sleep has been low recently.

“This has been an interesting week. On the night between Sunday and Monday, the rescue department woke up, there was a fire in the art museum. Now it was a much more pleasant awakening. Swimming was extremely exciting, ”says Luukkonen.

The mayor is in luck when a career in trouble between Mattsson has reached such a climax. A tough international standard raises the value of performance.

“Yes it is small, the world level is so hard. I follow Sweden, where there are good swimmers, they have not started the race very well. ”

In the international At a press conference, Mattsson told reporters that there was not always enough credit on the benches in the sauna of the Pori swimming pool. Does the mayor have experience in swimming pool discussions?

“Now I have to admit that I have never been to the sauna of the Pori swimming pool. I am more of a golfer and paddle player. But the folk nature of Satakunta and Pori is such a foot on the ground. It can be said that maybe a little critical if you put it nicely. ”

The Pori Swimming Club organized a race stand at City Hall. Mayor Aino-Maija Luukkonen was also present.

On Thursday, Luukkonen believed that Mattsson would be the topic of the day in Reposaari’s beach parliament as well as in the corresponding discussion clubs in the market square and sauna.

“That’s how we have it in Finland, sport is a terribly important thing for us and everyone thinks it’s the best expert in it.”

If there has ever been any doubt, then the medal will surely be accepted in the city with open arms.

“Matti is Matti from Pori, and yes the people of Pori are sincerely happy that he has been successful. I think there is a last in the homes in Pori [torstain vastaisena] supervised at night. That joy is certainly enough for the whole province. ”

Tapana is that the city remembers sports heroes. Has Mattson already been looked at a plot or street name?

“We had three officials present at night, and the matter has begun to be considered. The city government will meet in less than a couple of weeks, then the matter will be discussed and decisions will be made. ”

A swimming medal is a rare treat. Finland last received an Olympic medal for swimming when Jani Sievinen swam silver in Atlanta in 1996.

“In 1920, the last swimming medal came to Pori. There have been many generations of decision-making in between, ”Luukkonen says.

Small prophecy in the air has been noticeable for years. The decision to establish a ten-year-old swimming pool in the autumn was made in 2008 at the Suomiareena event in Eetunaukio.

Mattsson has coached since the Rio Olympics Eetu Karvonen.

Medal celebrations are promised, but interest rate restrictions will affect what kind of celebrations can be held.

“Normally there would be big stuff, but now Korona is setting boundaries. The Pori Swimming Club is considering what kind of events can be organized. ”

Matti Mattsson aired the bronze medal after being confirmed.

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Matti Mattsson opens Finnish Olympic medal account – Performance was taken into account in Sweden, where the first medal is still awaited



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