Olympics Matilda Castren woke up in the race village when a roommate returned to the cabin at night with a black eye


Athletes the race village impressed the finnish players of olympic golf Matilda Castreniin and Sanna Nuutinen.

On their own race trips, the duo usually only accompany other golfers and their background forces.

“The Olympic Village was a great experience. Although there were representatives of different species, it was possible to identify with certain things. Now I am glad that I came here to the prison to calm down, ”Nuutinen says with a laugh.

In the race village, Nuutinen spent four nights as a skater Lizzie Armannon, swimmer Fanny Teijonsalon and a hurdler Annimari Kortteen with the same cell home.

“In prison” Nuutinen meant a hotel for Finnish golfers near the Kasumigaseki Country Club course. The hotel is only accessible from the golf course.

“This has been the case for the last year and a half. Olympic golf is like any other competition, but otherwise it is a real utopian feeling to be at the Olympics, ”says Nuutinen.

At the hotel, the women got the same rooms with Sami Välimäki and Kalle Samooja lived last week.

Did the boys leave the rooms clean?

“I don’t think the Korona army has disinfected here, there are no rips of the boys,” Nuutinen says.

Castren, on the other hand, woke up in the race village when a roommate returned to the cabin with his eye black. Mira Potkonen then returned from his winning boxing match on Friday.

Sanna Nuutinen on a practice tour at Kasumigaseki Country Club.

On Wednesday Finnish players have not yet had time to get excited about the four-day Olympic Games. Nuutinen has played one practice lap and Castre’s 11 holes on the field.

“The mood is sought for beat every day and we try to make it better. The old and beautiful field is suitable for the eyes, ”Castren says.

Castren, who lives in the United States, has a tight five-week race tube behind him. He does not consider it exceptional.

“From the beginning of the season, there were few races. It’s midsummer, and I have to play a lot, ”Castren says.

Castren has been in top shape in recent weeks and has shown success in a variety of fields and conditions.

In the summer, he tinted by winning the world number one tour of the LPGA tournament in California. She also won the Women’s European Tour (LET) competition at Auragolf in Turku.

Castren says that he has noticed that golf is on the rise in Finland. The Tokyo golf tournament is being watched more than other golf competitions of the year due to Yle’s television.

“It also senses that we are hoped for success. It’s just great that people believe in us. It has to be taken for granted, ”says Castren, who many believe will take the Olympic medal in Tokyo.

“There is enough energy for the Olympics, there is enthusiasm. It is an honor to be here. There is a different mood and atmosphere than in other competitions. Everyone has a strong desire to represent their own country. ”

In terms of participants, women’s competition seems to be tougher than that of the U.S. Xander Schauffelen won the men’s race.

Due to land restrictions, only four hard Koreans were allowed to join.

New Zealand, among others, is aiming for top-notch Olympic gold Lydia Ko and Americans Nelly Korda and Lexi Thompson.The Olympic victory over Rio 2016 will be defended by South Korea Inbee Park.

“The race will be tough. There are a lot of players from LPGA involved. I personally expect to get the beat right. I have a desire to make it, but it starts with that punch at a time. I repeat myself, but that’s the way it is. You can’t think of the game of others, ”Castren says.

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