Olympics IOC rolls out to swimmers about forgetting masks on podium – ten new infections for race athletes

A total of 132 corona infections have been diagnosed among those who attended the Olympics since July 1.

International the olympic committee (iOC) had to roll to swimmers on sunday on sunday on sunday.

The IOC recalled that the use of masks is mandatory in the award ceremony. The organization herded swimmers as several competitors took off their masks with a podium.

“It’s not nice. It is mandatory, ”the IOC spokesman said Mark Adams said referring to the use of masks, according to news agency Reuters.

For example, the United States in the Games the first swimming gold in the men’s 400 meters medley horror Chase Kalisz took off his mask after first hugging his countryman who had slept on silver Jay Literlandia.

Also Literland and Australian bronze medalist Brendon Smith were on the podium without a mask.

Bronte Campbell (left) Meg Harris, Emma McKeon and Cate Campbell, who won the Olympic gold in the women’s 4x100m freestyle relay with a new world record time, did not wear masks on the podium.

Wait a minute later, the podium saw as many as 12 unmasked athletes at the same time as Australia, Canada and the United States accepted medals after the women’s 4x100m freestyle message.

The race was won Cate Campbell, Emma McKeon, Meg Harris and Bronte Campbell with a new world record time of 3.29.69.

According to IOC Adams, athletes can’t relax without a mask, even on a podium.

“We urge and ask everyone to follow the rules. It is important for the sport, for all our friends involved and for our Japanese friends, and it sends a strong message. ”

“There are things that we have unfortunately had to tighten. We follow these rules in everyone’s best interest and for safe races, ”Adams continued.

Unmasked the athletes were already seen at Friday’s opening when Kyrgyz and Tajik teams arrived at the stadium mainly without a mask.

The race organizers announced ten new coronavirus infections on Sunday, according to Reuters. A total of 132 corona infections have been diagnosed among those who entered the competition as of July 1.

The Tajikistan Olympic team was seen at the opening mainly without masks.



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