Olympics Even the night earthquake did not frighten Lassi Etelätalo – one throw was enough to spear the final

Toni Kuusela was disappointed with his throws. The groin-stricken Oliver Helander still took part in the qualifiers.


One casual throwing was enough Lassi to Etelätalo in the javelin throw qualifier early Wednesday in Tokyo.

Etelätalo threw its best of the season at 84 yards and 50 cents, and was the third best in the first qualifying group. The qualifying limit was 83.50.

Toni Kuusela was eliminated from Saturday’s final. Kuusela’s best throw carried only 76.96.

On Sunday in Tokyo, he suffered a groin injury Oliver Helander still participated in the qualifiers, although it must have been very unlikely.

He threw 78.81, which was not enough for the final race when the second qualifying group was still in progress.

Southern house, 33, will compete for the first time at the Olympics. Two years ago, he was fourth in the World Championships in Doha and the best athlete on the Finnish team.

In Doha, he reached the finals as the last shooter, now among the first.

“Technically, the throw was good. The feeling already felt good on the training ground. To this end, work has been done that is being thrown here. There was still room to give more momentum to the throw, ”Etelätalo said.

The Helsinki resident has the fourth place in the poster for the 2014 European Championships.

He came to Tokyo with the idea that he is “collecting the whole series,” meaning he is also fourth at the Olympics.

“Hehee, yeah. The medal requires an 85-meter throw, but I still don’t think about it. Now it was an ideal situation that the qualifying limit went with the first throw. ”

In front of Tokyo, at a depth of ten kilometers at sea, there was an earthquake of magnitude 5.8 in the morning.

In Tokyo, it was spotted at the hotel as the bed and belongings shook.

The South House had not noticed the whole thing.

“I didn’t notice. At that time (around 5.30) I was already training in the weight room. ”

Kuusela left the throwing place deeply disappointed. The knee in the summer was painless, and Kuusela used it Tero Pitkämäki old knee support.

“Hell went on, to put it bluntly. Today the man was bad. I know I can do better, ”Kuusela said disappointedly.

Kuusela was the only Finnish thrower in Tokyo to exceed the Olympic limit of 85 meters (85.03) this summer.

World at the forefront of statistics With Johannes Vetter there were difficulties with the outrigger. It didn’t hold up properly. He only crossed the qualifying line in his third, 85.64.

Indian Neeraj Chopra threw in Group A 86.65.

Egyptian Ihab Abdelrahman returned to the dash after a four-year hiatus after suffering a four-year doping collar.

Ihab threw in his side holding 81.92, and he was eighth in the South House group.

During his non-compete ban, Ihab constantly asserted his innocence for a doping offense. After qualifying in Tokyo, he said the same.

“My loved ones know what is true, but it is a life left behind,” Ihab said.

Before his doping cart, Ihab was coached by a Finn Petteri Piironen, with whom the Egyptian has no longer been in any contact.

“I have a new coach Mohamed Naguib. ”



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