Olympics Elias Kuosmanen, injured, injured his elbow, but plans to wrestle if he gets into the collection: “Let’s even cross”


Two minutes and 35 seconds. It took so long Elias Kuosmasen taival olympic press heavy series.

Early on Sunday in Finnish time, Kuosmanen encountered a Georgian weighing about 18 kg Iakobi Kajaian.

The match ended in a carpet wrestling: Kajaia overtook the Corso and the result was recorded with 9-0 points.

“It was such a father-to-boy match,” Kuosmanen snorted.

Kuosmanen’s competitive weight was about 112 pounds, while the opponent weighed the 130 pounds allowed in the series quite accurately.

Kuosmanen did not have time to take advantage of his agility and speed, even though he tried.

Kuosmanen still has a light straw to continue, but it is no longer in his own power, but depends on the matches of his opponents.

If Kajaia advances to the final, Kuosmanen will wrestle in the batches on Monday and can still aim for bronze.

Kuosmanen injured his left elbow in the scent of the match.

“There was a bang. Something broke from there. It crushed into the wrong position when the Georgian’s second bomb came, ”Kuosmanen said.

Will the hand withstand the wrestling if the matches still continue?

“Let it be broken, so I wrestled.”

Kuosmanen’s wrestling will survive later on Sunday after the series’ semi-finals.

The gold favorite of the series is Cuban Nunez Lopez, which Kuosmanen also thought won the gold medal in the series. Another tough one is representing the Russian Olympic Committee Sergei Semenov, which is in the same block diagram of Kuosmanen.

Kuosmanen went to the mat as an underdog, but wrestled actively at first. In vertical wrestling, he was on the same level as his opponent, but the whole difference was visible on the mat.

The Egyptian referee ordered Kuosmanen to the rug after finding that he was not active enough.

The command was poison for Kuosmanen, but honey for Kajaia, who rolled the 7–0 lead and the Finn on his back in 33 seconds.

“The athlete’s athleticism was evident in the judge’s eye when he saw that bigger and uglier is better,” Kuosmanen said disappointed.

“I couldn’t do better. You can’t be very happy. ”

Tokyo Kuosmanen first tried to lower the series in the 97-kilo series. However, he lost the series Olympic place to his training buddy Guess to Savolainen, whose wrestling in Tokyo will begin on Monday.

“While it sounds crazy, I can challenge those guys. I have to look the same as those, ”Kuosmanen referred to the other heavyweights.

“Now the wrestling followers at least figured out what a heavy series it is.”

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